Netherdragon concept/Design for my Herobrine’s Netherdragon.


 Geryon, Who originally is a Giant centaur and is the Guardian of hell

I named my Netherdragon this because He protects the nether when his master isn’t around. He’s some sort of Guardian in some way. only difference is, he’s not a Giant Centaur, but a Giant dragon instead.

Herobrine’s dragon is actually tricky to find, he could be slumbering deep underneath the sea of magma. or even right under your nose. 

This creature is capable of speech and is very intelligent. He has known herobrine for a very long time, right from the moment Herobrine created him.

This dragon has obsidian armoured shells/scales on his body, mostly on the top part and on his face, magma based feathers which burn on contact. Gleaming, shiny micro-scaled underbelly, A Netherorb in his chest, which contains some of Herobrine’s essence and is the heart of the dragon.

He also has a spiked tip of his tail and long whiskers with tendrils at the end.

He can still fly despite not having wings, he does not have wings because he needs space to maneuver though rocks and crevasses, which is also why he’s got short legs, also he is like this because of the fact that the nether does not actually have a sky, it has a roof.

Smyte hatched a while back, but I kept him secret until he opened his eyes and started to play. He grows fast, he’s nearly to my chest!

((The bottom left is the underside of his wings, the top right is the top half. Feel free to ask Smyte questions too!))

vaesha-draecon said:


//Ohh god… I don’t think I have this much new information on Asha duhh…//

1, His left ankle is weak, thanks to an incident when he was a kid, so its very suspectible to injuries. Even a small twist can cause a sprain or dislocation. He often rolls bandage around it to keep it more stable.

2, He had a unique shapeshift form, a hippogryph, beside his stormcrow one, but he lost the ability to shift into either, but gained a dragon form instead.

3, Luna and Asha has identical bracelets made by the druid himself, and the flowers on these blossom when they’re close to each other and fill them with additional warm feelings.

4, He often carries Kiela on his shoulders, the little girl always grabbing into his antlers.

5, When Syran can’t sleep thanks to nightmares and Luna is away, Asha often volunteers to be the netherdragon’s pillow in his bear form, helpign her get a well needed rest.

6, He is really happy with Luna, Kiela and his friends, that’s why deep in his heart he is terribly afraid of losing this.

7, He can’t use healing spells, only really minor ones to close really small cuts.

8, His selfloathing is enormous, he thinks himself a failure, and in the past during his exile, he went as far as selfharming, and even thought about ending his life.

big brother


[Brina]: Herobrine and I used to be like…Well, brother and sister! Brother Notch was always away on vacations, he never paid attention to me. So I followed Brother Herobrine everywhere, even into The Nether.

I had already died of old age and been reborn too many times to count. I was a little girl at the time he was last in his true form—those years between the death of one Player and the birth of the next.

Since Notch was always away, Herobrine had no choice but to watch over me. The Nether was indeed dangerous, but he was very protective. I was barely allowed out of the fortress. I guess all that time in The Nether corrupted me for a while there…But on the plus side, I learned to command fire. The older and more corrupt I got, the less Herobrine cared for me. Once Steve was born, Herobrine turned into a helpless infant and I was left to fend for myself.

I appreciate all he’s done for me regardless. He’s always been a stubborn idiot, but he’s still my big stupid brother, and I know he’s always got my back. Whether he’s in Steve’s pathetic form or not…


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[[A/N: Reminds me vaguely of Bioshock. XD]]