The YouTube community needs net neutrality.

The world is better off with the Potter Puppet Pals in them. Whether you’ve only seen Mysterious Ticking Noise or consider yourself a seasoned puppet historian, it’s clear that these puppets could probably take over the world. Instead, they make people laugh. We’re happy they’re here, and we’re happy we can get our PPP fix whenever we want to just by going to their channel. We want it to stay that way.

If big cable companies had their way, content would stop being equally accessible. For YouTubers, uploading videos would be next to impossible to begin with and we’d have to wait hours just to watch one video. Meanwhile, network television clips and dodgy advertisements would get priority access to your eyeballs.

We need to let the FCC know where we stand.

Join thousands of channels in signing the petition.

Internet Slowdown vs. Tumblr
  • People Who Want To Ruin the Internet:"... Fast internet? Not anymore. Ha. Losers."
  • Supernatural:Laughs
  • Doctor Who:Laughs
  • Sherlock:Laughs
  • Harry Potter:Laughs
  • Hunger Games:Laughs
  • Divergent:Laughs
  • Star Wars:Laughs
  • Star Trek:Laughs
  • Cumberbitches:Laughs
  • Hiddlestoners:Laughs
  • Homestuck:Laughs
  • Anime:Laughs
  • Marvel:Laughs
  • DC:Laughs
  • How to Train Your Dragon:Laughs
  • The Hobbit:Laughs
  • Lord of the Rings:Laughs
  • Firefly:Laughs
  • Attack on Titan:Laughs
  • Welcome to Nightvale:Laughs
  • Everyone:Laughs
  • Hannibal:Grabs Knives
  • Hannibal:"Needs salt."
  • Supernatural:"We got you covered."
Net Neutrality

Hi everyone, so i want to spread some information for those of you that are having trouble getting a call when you fill out your phone number & zip code here on Tumblr. [I tried multiple times and never received a phone call, so i did some digging of my own.]

1.) POLITELY call the FCC:

  1. Dial 888-225-5322
  2. Enter 1, 4, 0 on your keypad.
  3. A person will answer.
  4. You will be asked for your name and address, but you can just give them a zip code if you don’t feel comfortable giving your name & address.
  5. Tell them - “I’m calling to ask the FCC to reclassify Internet Service Providers as Title Two Common Carriers.”

  6. Thank them for their time and/or tell them “Have a nice day.”
  7. Hang up.

2.) Contact your states Senators & Representatives:

1.) Go HERE to enter your information. [Address, zip code, state, etc.]
2.) You will be given a list of Representatives and Senators + their contact numbers.

3.) Call them each one by one and say the following- “I’m calling to ensure that my representatives and senators demand the FCC reclassify Internet Service Providers as Title Two Common Carriers. Net Neutrality is essential to me, my family and our community. “

4.) Thank them for their time.

Spread this around like wildfire! We need EVERYONE to act immediately!


Please take a few minutes and let John Oliver break down “Cable Company Fuckery”, aka Net Neutrality, for you.

Don’t let the internet become regulated and your access to information basically be barred. Don’t let large cable companies take control of the internet and effectively create a “legal” monopoly.

The issue goes so much farther than just slow internet lanes.

Go here, and instead of trolling someone today or leaving a stupid comment somewhere, let the FCC know that you support Net Neutrality.