New View at Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Sunshine and blue skies encapsulated an event honoring our partners at Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge on July 17th.  The Nature Conservancy, along with many others, helped the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acquire two new parcels of land known as the Two Rivers Peninsula.  As a result, the entire Cannery Hill peninsula on Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge is protected for future generations of people and wildlife. 

Photo Credit: Amelia O'Conner, USFWS

According to Service’s Pacific Regional Director Robyn Thorson, the message of the day was gratitude. Director Thorson expressed her gratitude by stating, “Partnerships are the backbone of our National Wildlife Refuges.  As clearly demonstrated today, they help establish and grow National Wildlife Refuges.  These parcels’ expansive rolling hillsides of lush upland forests, scenic views and two miles of estuary shoreline provide habitat for abundant plants and animals including migratory songbirds, bald eagles, peregrine falcons, black-tailed deer, bobcat, harbor seals and estuarine-dependent fish such as coho and Chinook salmon. We look forward to continuing the wonderful relationships established here as we nurture and manage the natural areas of the Nestucca Bay estuary for the benefit of fish, wildlife and people.”

Photo Credit: Amelia O'Conner, USFWS

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After marveling at Multnomah Falls, we swung back through Portland and drove through a few cool neighborhoods — Pearl, Slabtown, Northwest and Alphabet District — before settling on lunch at a tasty Thai restaurant called Red Onion. We could’ve spent even longer in Portland but felt like the city had already won us over…and there was so much more to explore in the rest of Oregon!

I stumbled across a cool Oregon visitors guide that highlighted many of the unique sights and attractions along the 363 mile coastline (available here: One of the most fascinating facts about the Oregon coast? Practically all of it is considered public land, available for use by anyone at any time. Private property can abut the coast but ends at the vegetation line; this has been enshrined in the Oregon constitution for nearly a hundred years. I made a lengthy list of intriguing spots to visit but due to our limited time had to pare them down to just a few. First stop, Nestucca Spit in Pacific City: a small town and wide stretch of beach, leading up to a hulking monolith of a rock that reminded me of something out of The Fifth Element. We started walking towards it but turned back after the distance turned out to be further than it appeared…

Also interesting in these pics: a free coffee program at certain rest stops to help encourage tired drivers to take a break, or at least caffeinate; tsunami debris warnings, and several ways in which the mighty Pacific could get you.

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