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In response to your question about how I got the purple out of my hair: I faded it using a clarifying shampoo, and then I made a bleach wash using blue-tinted bleach powder, shampoo, and 40 vol developer. You might be able to get away with using 30 vol instead (if 40 vol scares you) but my hair doesn't like to let go of semi-permanent stains/dyes, so I have to use 40 vol. My hair had a bit of orange from the red in the purple, so I toned it will Wella t18 (aka white lady toner).

Ah okay cool, I was thinking about using Color Oops so it doesn’t ruin my hair. I’ll use a 30 vol 

Thanks so much :D


So, a new bar opened up in my hometown of Spokane, WA, and it has literally named a drink “Date Grape Koolaid”. After countless criticism, the planning of a protest, sponsors dropping the business, etc. the business owners refuse to admit that their drink name was a mistake. In the screencaps I’ve taken above, you will see their drink menu, featuring the “Date Grape Koolaid” name, a status that I posted on the matter w/reactions to it, the review section of their facebook page, numerous complaints about the name from the public, and a couple of their responses to the massive amount of negative feedback that they’ve been receiving. All in all, their general attitude about the matter has been “get over it”. As I said in a comment above, if a woman was slipped drugs and date raped at their establishment, would their reaction be as lax? I’ve never seen a business so intent on not admitting their wrongs. Not only is it a horrible business strategy, but it also promotes date rape, trivializes rape, alienates female customers, and generally perpetuates rape culture.

Here is the facebook page for the business, called Daiquiri Factory::

Here is a blog post that was made about the issue::

Here’s a link to the protest page that has been set up::

Do your work, people of tumblr.

nesser33 replied to your post: Why are non-vegans so upset with vegans and why…

I totally agree. I don’t care what people eat. My only thoughts on vegans are that eating out must be difficult, since pretty much no one caters to vegans. I hate it that vegetarians and vegans are now calling meat-eaters “blood mouths”. Yeah, I totally just gulp blood down. Herr derr. And I hate how meat-eaters are like “Why can’t you just eat meat like a normal person?!”. It reminds me of how stupid homophobia is. Like omnivorphobia and vegephobia or something. Sorry for the rant.

I kind of hate how some vegans are super self-righteous and go on big long angry rants at people who aren’t vegan.

I just hate how both sides treat the other side.

Like, those who aren’t vegan are like “it’s normal to eat meat, you’re a freak”

Those who are vegan are like “meat is murder, you’re directly responsible for the murder of 10,000 cows” and so forth.

This isn’t everyone on each side, but these are the most common mindsets.

Like, does it even fucking matter?

I choose to eat meat, I don’t see the point in trying to sway me or treating me like scum.

Some people I know choose not to eat meat, I don’t see the point in trying to sway them or treating them like scum.

In the end, it doesn’t fucking matter.

Also, I like the name “bloodmouth” it sounds really fucking cool. If you want to insult people who eat meat, find something that is actually insulting and doesn’t make them feel badass.

And I just made a rant off of your rant, I’m sorry.

My queue’s been posting, but I legitimately haven’t been on here for a week or so until now. I’ve been working, and using my free time to see my boyfriend, run errands, and study up on the Elisa Lam case.

I’ve been obsessed with the death of Elisa Lam. I’ve found her friends and sister’s facebooks, found her blogs, her twitter, her instagram, read through hundreds of message board posts, browsed countless Chinese media sites, viewed the Cecil Hotel on Google Maps from every angle…I’m really determined to somehow piece together what happened, since the LAPD gave up and ruled her death accidental. If it was accidental, why was she found nude inside of a water tank on the ROOF of the Cecil? I’ve read through every one of her blog posts, and I don’t believe that she’d commit suicide, especially not in such a strange manner. None of it makes sense.

I love it when people say exactly what you need to hear and don’t even realize what they’ve done. Like you’re secretly falling apart, and someone’s sincere, authentic words just piece you back together again and you feel like crying from happiness, but you hold that inside too.

Pro-choice does not equal pro abortion. Anti-feminist peeps seem to think that if you’re pro-choice, you’re disallowing women to keep their babies, whether they decide to raise them themselves or give them up for adoption. But they’re missing the point. Pro-choice means that you support the right to choose based on individual values, morals, needs, situations, etc. So…how is being pro-choice limiting anyone? I just honestly don’t get this whole anti-feminist movement I’ve stumbled on.


I had my purple hair for a few months, and I finally decided to go green. I wanted the darkest green I could get, and this is what I ended up with. I mixed together Manic Panic’s Green Envy, Spark’s Green Envy, and Punky Colour’s Alpine Green. I really love the way it looks, but it bleeds so much in the bath and shower, which I hate. It drives me crazy when my hair color changes my bath and shower water color for some reason. It also stains my neck and hands every time I get it wet.