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NES, Smash, and Persona Q 3DS XLs announced ⊟

Nintendo of America announced three (!) special edition 3DS XLs today! The Smash Bros. system releases in red and blue on September 19, the NES edition hits on October 10, and the Persona Q portable comes out on November 25.

Please note that all of them are priced at $199.99 and do not include a bundled game, even though two of them are branded with specific titles. Also, all of them will be exclusive to GameStop. Ughhhhhhhhhhh.

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Duck Hunt Dog is the WTF Character We Deserve

With apologies to Mr. Game and Watch. 

The Duck Hunt Dog attacks with his duck pal and looks adorable doing it. His attacks include homages to his own title with a few cameos from the many six gun shooters in NES classic Wild Gunman.

The only question is how much do you love DHD? Do you love him, or do you love him a bunch? Honestly, I’m just relieved that he’s not some weird Pikmin and Olimar clone. [❤]

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