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The woods were dark and foreboding.

…Which of course meant that Vivi wanted to investigate.

As per usual, she had split the team to look around, her and Mystery trampling through the undergrowth noisily as they moved off in the dark. Arthur stepped more carefully amongst the fallen leaves and dead branches. If there really was something prowling the woods, then there was absolutely no reason to draw unwanted attention to him.

Despite the anxiety twisting in his chest, he kept an ear out for his blue-haired friend, every muscle poised to rush to her aid if anything happened. He had already lost a friend once.

Never again.

He sighed quietly as he stepped over a fallen log and continued through the underbrush. Maybe it’d be better if he just let mystery help her. All he seemed to do was make things worse. Really, what could he do?

Really, he’d probably just end up hurting her.

Pausing for a moment, he shivered as a cold chill ran up his spine, and he glanced around. Was it just him or did the canopy get brighter?

…No, it definitely was. Instead of the dark and shadowy ambiance of before, light filtered through the leaves, turning them a translucent green. Some kind of trail wound away farthur in. It looked…nice.

But why was it so different in this spot? Behind him was-

That same brightly lit foliage.

No. That couldn’t be right. It had been ominous only moments ago. He began to scratch at his head, only to realize something:

He couldn’t hear Vivi anymore.

Whipping around, he called out to his teammates. “Vivi? Mystery?”
When he was met with silence, he gripped his left arm tightly before forcing himself to take a few measures breaths. He had a phone. He just needed to call her. Everything was fine.

His hands shook as he pulled out his cell, but he managed to dial the number and put the phone against his ear.

We are sorry, but the number you have dialed does not exist. Please conta-.

Arthur snapped the phone shut and ran back the way he had come. The fear in his chest coiled tighter as he cried out. “Vivi! Mystery! Guys where are you?!”

He had barely taken ten steps before it finally sank in.

This wasn’t the same woods he had entered. It couldn’t be. This place was sunny and he could hear birds chirping and dead leaves didn’t litter the ground. As worried for his friends as he was, he could help but wonder:

Just where exactly was he?
And how did he get here?


FujiTV’s program council with Yokoso, wagaya e placed on the agenda for its audience rating… I’m getting nervous. The people talking about how the show is betraying the bright and fun nature that Getsu9 usually has. I’m not sure what else they said… Oh~ they talked about Ikeido Jun’s other works ‘Hanzawa Naoki’ etc…

The last guy is the producer ‘Hatori Kenichi (V no Arashi etc)’ is defending the drama, saying that the story will be more and more interesting after episode 5 and he believes that the audience rating shall increase with it too. 

I can honestly say, this drama is by far my favourite Aiba-chan drama~ By far compared to My Girl, Last Hope etc. (Edit: I mean My Girl and Last Hope were my fav out of all of his leading drama… Bartender and Mikeneko were alright). But I think it was placed in the wrong timeslot. When I heard that it was going to be a Getsu9, I was like ‘Ah~ will it be okay?’… I think this drama will be underrated like Kazoku Game and Maou… but I still want it to do really well… I pray that everything will work out… it deserves the very best! I have never seen an Aiba-chan drama that deserve so much love, support and interest this much before. It’s super good! 

If anyone can translate or summarise what they are saying that would be helpful ^^

Credit: @yukoxjun_m twitter