WIWT - 3/11/13

Spring break officially started last Friday, but some friends and I stayed around last weekend for some work (and mostly non-work) related obligations. This left an entirely empty campus and a prime day for Greg to shoot some film. I’ve always loved TCNJ’s campus, but completely deserted it’s a thing of absolute beauty.

You guys know I love green, and I love it even more when paired with blue. A lot of traditional menswear snobs have a problem with that, but I have no qualms. I wore my made-to-measure brown bengal stripe button-up from Neronote (reviewed here), and knotted it up with a light olive silk knit from Henry Carter (review here). I’m usually not one for lighter ties, but this one paired nicely with the brown in my shirt. Take note: everything is slightly darker in real life.

Needless to say, Greg Costanzo is a fantastic photographer, and you will be seeing more of his work on this blog.

Making the Perfect Shirt: An Examination of Neronote Shirts

At The Style Examiner we believe that a large component of the future of retail lies in the expansion of its online dimension. If you are reading this, we assume that, like us, you explore the numerous exciting virtual spaces created by the internet to find out about fashion trends, learn style tips, and purchase new products.

However, and in spite of the increased success of online retail, when it comes to buying clothes, The Style Examiner still believes that there is nothing like trying clothes on before parting with one’s money. By doing this, one can have a realisation of the actual colour of a garment, or feel the qualities of the fabric on the skin. It was with this in mind that we took a leap of faith and accepted Neronote’s invitation to purchase one of their shirts online. However, despite our initial reservations, once we received the shirt in the post we became fans of their service.

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I’ve often heard men complaining that when it comes to fashion, womenswear has all the fun. It’s probably true, but when I see something like Italian company Neronote's shirts, I wish I could have one too. Every single detail of these beautifully made shirts is customisable. You can create your perfect shirt from the weight and weave of the fabric to the size of every part of the shirt to the positioning of your monogram (essential).

My first attempt is a sort of casual pale blue and white striped shirt with button down colour and grey monogram on the collar, could work messing about on boats of a summer. (Tried to attach an image of it but it’s not working.)

Start designing your own shirt here.

Product Review: Neronote, Canclini Poplin Made To Measure Shirt

I had been talking to a marketing representative from Neronote around the holiday season, and she offered to send me a made to measure shirt to review. Before doing some research, I had never heard of Neronote. If you have explored the world of online MTM shirting, you know that there are numerous options all claiming to produce a superior product in terms of price and quality. You never really know how your shirt will turn out until you receive it. Honestly, it’s a bit of a risk. 


That being said, Neronote looked like they made beautiful shirts. The styles looked on point, and they are made in Italy. Neronote offers about 2,000 fabrics, a variety of high quality fabrics from mills like Thomas Mason, Monti, Albini, and Canclini. I’ve been wanting a brown striped shirt, so I went with a brown striped cotton poplin from Canclini. The design process was straight forward and easy to understand, as online MTM should be. Fast forward four weeks and a package from Neronote arrives on my doorstep. Inside was, quite honestly, one of the most beautiful shirts that I own, and the best online MTM shirt in my closet.


There were an impressive amount of collars from which to choose, including a few variations on the spread (my personal go to). I went with the Neronote standard spread collar, and was very much pleased with it. It sits nicely under the lapels of a buttoned blazer, and is not so drastically spread as to be confused with a cut-away collar. It compliments a four-in-hand knot very nicely, and looks great unbuttoned too. 

The softness of the fabric makes this collar very comfortable, but Neronote also allows for the choice of “soft”, “normal”, and “stiff” collar options, all with the choice of removable collar stays. I never wear collar stays, so I chose the soft option with removable stays. Another nice addition is the ability to choose the placement of the stitching from the edge of the collar. 

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