A TRAILER for STEREK. Some AU moments and AU dialogs there too. Spoilers up to 2x10. For dialogs go to the video description on YT.


This is STEREK CRACK. Rating: R (for one scene, sex tape)…

Stiles and Derek are dating for some time now and everyone know that, except for Stiles’s dad. All vid goes around Stiles’s coming out to his dad + some pack jokes from the latest episodes of Teen wolf. Spoilers up to 2x08.


Teen wolf AU - Demon!Stiles & Derek - Abomination

Plot: Stiles was possessed by a Demon and now he’s trying to get over those times, cause Derek was a subject of abuse, while Stiles were possessed. And Stiles remember everything the demon did.

00:01 - What else do you know?
00:02 - Just stories
00:04 - Rumors
00:05 - It’s like us?
00:07 - Yes, but…it’s…it’s not right. It’s like a…
00:13 - An abomination
00:22 - You look a little stressed
00:27 - Can you at least think about letting him die? For me
00:52 - I still can’t believe you actually think your little story is gonna last
01:08 - What are you gonna do?
01:10 - When you stupid bitch-of-a-boyfriend turns on you?
01:15 - Oh, no…it can’t be you. Not you.
01:18 - Who do you really think is gonna be next?
01:20 - I’m gonna kill him

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For those, who wasn’t able to watch online before…I manged to get it on YouTube…I screwed up an audio a little, hope it’s not that ugly…for normal audio quality (you can still download here), but it’s watchable at last… :))


One more STEREK CRACK vid - “Beauty and the Beast”, I was really inspired by this gif-set. Plus by this and this gifs on tumblr. I just so love our sterek fandom, there’re so many talented people here!!


AU on School 2013 - Pictures. Let’s pretend Nam Soon and Heung Soo are older and have jobs. NS is a singer, but takes all kind of work he can get, HS’s a famous photographer. You can guess, what comes next…


Another Sterek vid from me (Slash + R-rated)…
They’re together. Derek wants Stiles to become a werewolf, but he refuses each time.  
Just anticipating 2x09…I so hope there’ll good Sterek scenes!!


One more Nagron vid from me, plus there’s some Agron and Duro brotherly relationship (I loved it so much, it’s so freaking sad he’s dead T_T)


Fanvid of favorite Nagron quotes XD Actually they’re all my favorite XD


My fav STEREK quotes and just whole Stiles & Derek feels XD I’m totally into them now :)) It can be downloaded here (34 mb), if YT blocks it from you…

and you can also watch here


New vid! Peter pan x Captain hook ☠ Living dead (x)

Video: Once upon a time
Audio: in the end of the vid
Plot: There’re some AU voiceovers, but all of them were said by the chars to/about one another…I just mixed them a little…that’s all…
From my pov (don’t judge me) peter likes hook only because of who hook was, and he’s pretty much the one person who knows him before he was a pirate…
Comment: I’m obsessed with this pairing thanks to this absolutely lovely vid…  robinkun234, thank you for introducing them to me through it ♥
just to think that I was Hook/Emma shipper before Peter showed up…


Video: School 2013

Audio: in the end of the video (pitch shifted again…am I a moron for always shifting girl’s voices??)

Pairing: Nam Soon & Heung Soo !!! SLASH!! (don’t like - don’t watch)

Rating: PG-R

Comment: This is canonic AU (the only AU part here is their relationship, though I can hardly call that AU at all, but still there’re some sound and video manips, so…)

Plot: The whole story is divided by 2 parts: developing relationship in present and past. In past: They’re friends, it’s all good. Then Heung Soo confesses, they spend a night. When Heung Soo is indecisive, whether it’s ok or not to continue, Nam Soon says it wasn’t a mistake. So they’re happy together again. Then the whole story with broken leg takes place. And in present they try to cope with all their past and feelings for each other.

Pretty simple AU (but I’m a fan of AU’s close to the plot)…

I actually can’t even upload it on YouTube, ‘cause it’s being bitchy to me (again) about the song and mutes it…so I’m depressed, but still the vid’s here…hope you enjoy…it’s STEREK, plus R-rated…and slash obviously…

You can also download HERE