Dark in my imagination

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by nerdyostrich

Castiel needs someone to help him clean his wings but, as always, Dean is not doing his job. One thing’s for certain, though: Castiel is not fluffy.

Words: 2764, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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leatherandmetal replied to your post: akjshanmhgs I’m so bored.

Sundays are always so boring, and it’s too hot here to go out and do anything. ;_;

Yeah, it’s really hot here too, I just don’t feel like doing anything. Watching olympic voleiball but it isn’t so much fun to watch.

armypancake replied to your post: akjshanmhgs I’m so bored.

All sundays are the same… btw I’m bored too

I really dislike tumblr weekends, my dash just isn’t the same and I miss its regular action.

struckbyloki replied to your post: akjshanmhgs I’m so bored.

Same problem ! Even Tumblr’s quiet at the moment ö

Very very quiet. No me gusta.

nerdyostrich replied to your post: akjshanmhgs I’m so bored.

Let meeeeeeee entertain yooouuuuu… :D

ehehe entertain meeeee! let’s entertain each other.

nerdyostrich replied to your post: i am a bad fic writer because i have a habit of…

YOU ARE NOT A BAD FIC WRITER WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT ASDFGHJKL; I love your fanfic. It’s like the only fanfic I’ve ever loved.


lokislaufeyson replied to your posti am a bad fic writer because i have a habit of…

that makes you a good fic writer


sassytimelordminion asked:

I just wanted to say "hi", Captain Nicholls. Hi :) I guess I better introduce myself... My name is Sofia. I'm quite friendly and bubbly :) How are you this lovely Tuesday?

Hello, miss Sofia. Before I answer your question, I just wanted to tell you that you are, indeed, very lovely–and I’m sure I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to do so.

As for your question, I am feeling a bit… not myself, I suppose, today. 

((Grrrr. Having issues getting my Nicholls muse to himself <.< So that feeling is 100% exactly what he’s feeling right now.))

Coffee, Cream and Clocks

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by nerdyostrich

“I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee.”
— Carly Simon

Not your average coffee shop AU. Dean Winchester, a barista, doesn’t have many expectations for the future. He definintely doesn’t expect a trenchcoat-clad man with a strange taste in coffee to walk into his coffee shop (and coincidentally, his life). The man calls himself Jimmy and Dean definitely does not hit on him whatsoever. They form a tentative friendship, but everything is changed when the city is attacked. Soon, Dean is dragged out on a journey through time and space with a man who isn’t who he said he was.

Words: 4547, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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nerdyostrich answered: I think we broke most streams xD But here’s a link to a post that’ll help you:

this was helpful, thanks!

but it seems the links are all broken, and to watch it, you have to install something that let’s you watch it on the BBC website (and even then, who knows if it will work.) I’d rather not install anything since I’m running out of room on my computer. :/

i hope a lovely lovely Tom fan records it so we can download it later!

sassytimelordminion asked:

Thor and Loki are going to a camping trip in SCOTLAND? Dear, I love you even more. Scotland seems to be very a beautiful place :) I wish I can go there one day... Is Loch Ness all that it's cracked up to be? And the Highlands... ME WANT TO GO NOW. *randomness FTW*


it’s just a loch 

just a giant puddle 

that’s all omfg

i’ve been to the highlands a few times before when we used to go up to Clachtoll and i remember i saw a whale. that was cool. but yeah it’s really cold and windy up there and there are bunnies and sheeps and deer 

okay, well there are deer everywhere. a deer got into our school once

poor thing was hurt though and people were chasing it and it almost went into shock /sOB

scotland is cool 

lots of hills and cows and horses and sheep and stuff

i remember i went to this activity centre up in the highlands. called Kilbowie. yeah. that was cool. Actually, I think Beth might’ve went. bETH DID YOU GO TO KILBOWIE

i’ll tag her and maybe she’ll tell me if she’s went to Kilbowie when she comes back online because like, every single school goes. 

sassytimelordminion asked:

After watching "Thor", I return to my computer, only to see that you have uploaded a new chapter. *happy dance* You really do have a gift with words. You made a chapter of thinking, cutting Thor's hair and bathing him the most interesting thing in the world. THAT, my dear friend, is a gift. I really love the relationship between Thor and Loki. You can tell that they are very dear to each other. Your writing is captivating and your choice of words is perfect. This chapter, I love it. ANOTHER!


this cheered me up a lot okay

i think i might go rescue my fic from the recycling bin on my computer now

seriously i bet someone out there is getting bored of my writing but thEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT I NEED TOOO

I’m building up suspense for the inevitable


you don’t get as in-depth story behind their closeness if i jump right into the angsty stuff

sassytimelordminion asked:

I'm not usually one for FanFiction, but I decided to read yours. Oh boy, am I glad that I did. You writing style is beautiful and your choice of words is perfect. The relationship between Thor and Loki is filled with brotherly love; excellently done. It's a beginning that's beautifully put together. Yes, I very much LOVE your FanFicton. I'm DEFINITELY going to continue reading it :D Oh, and you seem to be a wonderful person :)

oh m ygod you’re gonna make me cry 

i’m literally tearing up here omg 

thank you so much you have no idea how grateful i am

i hope you have a very lovely day and nice things happen to you 

thank you so much for giving it a chance and even moreso for giving me feedback and actually enjoying it!

Let go

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by nerdyostrich

Sometimes you have to let go to see what you have. Sometimes you have to let go to see the truth.

Dean and Sam close the gates of Hell. Then Dean is all alone.

Words: 1445, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Nothing Rhymes with Castiel

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by nerdyostrich, tiddlypom

Sofia and I started pondering if it would be fun to write Dean writing poetry about Cas’s eyes around midnight last night. This is the result ;)

Words: 490, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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nerdyostrich replied to your post: nerdyostrich replied to your post: i wonder if i…

You’re my new favourite person too :D Especially for using GIFs and images that make me smile like a moron. And because you’re kind and an amazing writer. BLESS YOU TOO

 howl-y replied to your postnerdyostrich replied to your post: i wonder if i…

One person? but I care too! I’m really enjoying your writing! I’m still in the middle of writing my “reveiw” of the second chapter, I just haven’t finished yet since I am in the middle of a few other things….

that’s okay