delcat said:

God, the Suddenly That Person feeling. My deepest condolences.

please don’t understand the situation of the whole fandom it’ll only ruin your fun if you happen to be a part of it


… i think i’ve said for too much you’d all probably know what’s up with me

My Nerdking is such a little shit

So last night we were at Gamestars, it’s a gamestore we play magic at with a bunch of friends, and it was late like after midnightish and I asked him if it would be inconvenient for him if I asked him to drive me home after our games. The little bugger looked at me with a straight face and said “Yes.” So I said “Okiedokie.” And he just stared at me and smirked and started laughing when I realized he was just fucking with me and stuck my tongue out at him. Ugh whatta turd nugget. But that’s one of the reasons I love him, he just laughs at everything and doesn’t take anything too seriously, and I will totally admit, hoping he doesn’t end up reading this at some point in the future, that I enjoy the teasing and fun poking he does at me, it’s cute. Plus he likes my reactions to the tickling and apparently all the flailing and stuff that I do is cute, and I’m like “Ahahaha that’s weird of you.” And all he does is smile at me in response. 

So yesterday was my birthday~

And I spent part of it downtown shopping and got some cute stuff, got much needed jeans a Captain America tank top, a custom made Batman t-shirt, and a really cute Princess Peach t-shirt that says “Life’s Just Peachy”.

And then later that night after Nerdking was off work I got to go see him, and we just snuggled on the couch and watched a few episodes of Castle. And as we were snuggling, I realized I didn’t wanna leave. Like I could have stayed snuggled with him on that couch forever and been completely content. And I’m really sure he didn’t want me to leave either, cause when my friend came to pick me up, he stood at the door and watched us leave. And she agrees with me on the last part. 

So I’m completely ok with the fact that he hasn’t said that he loves me back, because he shows it with all the affection and stuff when it’s just us. Which makes me super happy. 

So a thing happened today.

My other partner, texted me saying he figured out what bothered him about the poly thing and my relationship with Nerdking. He said it was because he knew I love Nerdking. And i was like ahahaha naw it’s way to early and blahblahblah excuses. And he was like don’t even, I know you and you haven’t told him cause you’re afraid of his reaction. which was completely true. 

But when Nerdking came back in from having a smoke, I was sitting on the couch all flustered, and he asked what was up and I was like, So here’s the thing, I’ve known about this for about two weeks and haven’t said anything cause i didn’t know what your reaction would be, I’m pretty damn like hundred percent sure I love you. And I totally didn’t expect and I love you back, but all he did was rub my arm affectionately. And I didn’t know how to take that, but a close friend said to just let things be normal between me and Nerdking, and just let him say it if or when he is ready to. But I’m really happy that he knows now, so it doesn’t feel like I’m hiding anything from him.