"Welcome to the Real World!"

Don’t you love that phrase? It’s been getting used a lot lately. Generally, you hear it when shitty people try to defend their equally shitty actions, words, and opinions. Now, someone needs to explain this to me:

Why do people think it’s cool and edgy to make fun of people who have compassion and empathy?

And the inevitable answer? "Welcome to the real world!" Are you on the narcotics, people? I mean, don’t get me wrong, this world has PLENTY of assholes and douchebags, I’ve seen my fair share in the years I’ve been alive. But, at the same time, this world is FULL of compassionate people and they live in the same world as the aforementioned assholes and douchebags. And yet, it boggles my mind to think that a lot of these self-important dudebros seem to legitimately believe that the “real” world means that anything remotely resembling empathy is “pussification.”

It’s been said before. Apologizing is not a weakness. Showing concern, compassion, empathy, etc. is not a weakness.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people use way too many cop-outs. Telling people that they need to learn to take a joke is nothing more than a tiring cop-out for when you tell jokes that people don’t find funny. It’s also a cop-out to try and explain away being a Captain Tryhard Coolkid by using slurs as an attempt to “stop censorship.”

With this whole JonTron thing, it’s so strange to me that people who publicly shit on those that have compassion and empathy then get outraged because they get exposed. Like… THAT’S what you choose to be pissed off about? That when you post shit in a public forum, other people might see what you write and post it for more people to see? Spread it around?

The amount of people that are upset because someone exposed their videogame hero man saying thoughtless shit is… astounding to me. They’re upset that when JonTron expressed an opinion, people expressed an opinion back and, for many people, that opinion was that JonTron is a clownboat. They can’t stand it and so they need to validate themselves by defending their besieged hero, because if enough people believe that JonTron is a shit person, then that must mean that they’re shit people for defending them and they can’t have people thinking that!

And then comes the onslaught of weak rationalizations, excuses, and defenses.

"It was a joke!"

"He didn’t mean it as a slur!"

"You need to take a joke!"

JonTron continues to spout his verbal effluvia for all to see and people are pissed at him. But his white knights can’t comprehend that people form opinions on other people based on what they say and do. His white knights fail to see that because he has expressed these opinions publicly, people will continue to judge him not by his YouTube videos but by his character. And they’re getting so upset that people are starting to think that JonTron is a shit person because he is saying shit things.

Hey kiddies?

Welcome to the real world.

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