This year for Emerald City Comic Con, instead of getting sketches from webcomic artists, I made some Tiny Fanarts to give to them. I didn’t manage to get done as many as I wanted to, but I love the ones I got done, and so did the artists! It’s definitely a project I’m gonna try to repeat in the coming years.

Characters are as follows:

1. Bold Riley, by boldriley

2. Chablis, by littlefroggies

3. Bultungin, by spikedrewthis

4. Nimona, by gingerhaze

5. Nephilopolis, by dresdencodak

6. Eth, by luongomaplebacon

If you’re not familiar with these creators and their work, I suggest checking them out! Excellent stuff by excellent people.

These were done with Copics on watercolor paper, each one took me about 1-1.5 episodes of Xena from start to finish.

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