13/13 precious Homestuck beta troll girls are almost done~ All I have to do now is coat them with the matte sealant and clip on the lanyards, and they’ll be ready to be released into the wild! (Again, the Nepetas can’t wait.)

If you’re new to this quest, the originals were hand-sculpted in Fimo polymer clay. I made molds with EasyMold silicone mold putty and cast them in EasyCast clear epoxy resin, except for Aradia who was cast in Amazing Casting Resin because I cut her mold stupidly and the slow-curing EasyCast kept dripping out and making gaping holes. I will have to make a new mold for her. They are handpainted with acrylic paint. Each charm is 1.5” tall, and the lanyards and phone plugs will match each girl’s colour scheme.

Beta troll boys are next! I plan to start them after I return home from DerpyCon South.