OPEN for appts. L.A. County Area-Come & get some of my original art work/your idea(s) on a new piece*

I have my own flash book, w/many pieces ready to be stenciled to skin.
I specialize in female themed / neo-traditional pieces.
Serious inquires only, will submit shop address once appt. is confirmed.

Send ideas, references &/or custom piece upon request to

Be sure to add any other source of contact attached to email so I can definitely get a hold of you & get you in the shop promptly,
Lines4Life Tattoo, West Covina Ca
-“Don’t Talk About, Be About It”

Instagram: @mrevandelao / Pinterest: evandelao

If you are in the L.A. County area please give me a shout for your next tattoo. I specialize in realistic-traditional female themed pieces. I have my own complete flash book ready to be stenciled to skin.

Send ideas, references &/or custom piece upon request to &/or please feel free to come by our new studio & ask for me (Evan) & we can go over your idea(s), flash book, correct placement, etc. in person.

Serious inquiries only.

Thank you for your time, really appreciate my Tumblr followers, hope you enjoy.

Chapel steeple church god knowes. (See what I did there) It’s going for £60 I know that much. Size of a spread hand. Black and grey with a wee bit of colour. Contact me if your interested. @bloodandhoney_tat_co #tradtattoo #traditional #traditionalflash #traditionaltattoo #neotrad #neotradsub #neotradtattoo #neotradtattoo #neotraditionalflash #neotraditional #neotraditionaltattoo


Over the weekend I got some work done by my very good friend Noe @anonymous_237. Set up & ready to blast in his brothers apartment dining area. The old school neighborhood way, like I did long before working at a shop. Either at my home or driving to clients homes/aprts., even backyards, willing to get better at this craft. But Noe already worked the kinks out & assembled his one a kind travelers tray.