pastelpinklouis asked:

hi i barely got into the nge fandom and i ship kawoshin loads but i dont understand the 3 shinjis and kaworus the q the manga and the anime. i also dont get why you call the manga version karl?? anyway could you please tell me! :)

Hey I am soooo sorry for the late answer, I am so busy lately ;~; But anyway.. Sorry for any english mistakes!

There is actually three shinjis and kaworus, the ones from the manga, from the anime, and from the rebuild. The fandom likes to see them differently and not as the same ones because their personalities and appearences changes a little. A lot of people (including me) believe in the timeloop theory. 17-angel actually made a great explanation about this so in case you don’t know about this theory click here. I personally believe that kaworu’s timelines are like this: Manga > Anime > Rebuild.

There is Manga Kaworu and Shinji

The reason why we call him Karl (it’s a fandom nickname) it’s because Manga!Kaworu IS SO DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS KAWORUS. He is literally 9 days old so yeah he is just a baby and don’t know how to properly act with others and this pisses shinji so much (btw manga shinji is way more sassy and angry than the other ones). So yeah manga kawoshin will always be my favorite. I love Karl to death he is my baby

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