Inspired by this post from Starbrain, and right on the heels of liveblogging Bubblegum Crisis, I couldn’t resist piecing together this cityscape image—one of the finest in gaming if you enjoy meticulously illustrated rows and rows of buildings—from SNK’s Last Resort (a beautiful I game which I will be covering in full down the line.) Because of the scrolling and layers, you would never see these three tilemaps lined up like this in the game itself, which is a pity.

Fun Fact: Monkeying Around

In Metal Slug 3, you can find a monkey partner named Utan at the start of Mission 2. If you sit with him long enough, he begins to play through a variety of idle animations. One in particular has him eating bananas that he pulls out of his diaper. If you idle long enough, he’ll eat three bananas, but on the fourth, he accidentally pulls out his penis, blushes and then quickly puts it back in.