Since I’m a perfectionist POS and have decided to start over bc I found a new umbrella with lace I liked better, does anyone want to buy this off me? It’s hand painted with acrylic paint, all you need to do is paint the handle/spokes black and add the weird brown swirly design (and swap out the handle if you want it to be curved). Selling it for $30 + shipping, which is basically the cost of materials for it. If you’re willing to come to corona/riverside, ca I am also willing to meet up with you instead of shipping it.

Important note - because I used acrylic paint, it added an extra layer to the lace and now the umbrella cannot close enough to fully lock closed, as you can see in the final picture. It still stays mostly closed as long as you aren’t swinging it around all over the place, but it no longer locks into place. I was planning on just using a small piece of black tape to keep in place when closed, since I planned on keeping it open 90% of the time.

The Important Irrelevance of Height Differences

I don’t know what the fascination with having the taller member of a pairing be the top, but I present to you a doodle to demonstrate that the shorter person can indeed be dominant.

p.s.– Weiss’s outfit is different because I only ship her and Perry in a future AU.


So I went through and wrote down every time Neo’s eyes change color, I thought there were only 5 or 6 at first, but there’s actually 17. I can’t tell if they’re all purposeful or not, but they’re very interesting, especially towards the end. When Neo is about to stab Yang, her pink eye turns grey? And then when fighting mystery lady, they turn back, but after realizing she cant fight mystery lady, they flicker between both usual ones, then turn grey.

And to note, in episode 4 (During the fighting part), they only appeared as this:

EDIT: My friend corrected me and they actually appear like this during the White Fang Rally also