"I have been in your ask box ever since I read that message you sent me, thinking of what I must say and… I can’t find anything right tell you, since you’re so awesome. Like she said, tongue-tied. Anyway, I’ll just let my fingers lead the way. I confess that I always view your blog—see? You’re that amazing to me. It’s not just the deep words, beautifully crafted sentences that lures me into reading; but the feeling, the honesty, the darkness, even—they all speak my emotions. I’m not selfish in relation to praising artists or their art but I just cannot, and mind you, this is a first, I cannot express; I cannot find the right words to tell you how… how great you are. Great is not even enough to begin with. I apologize if this is another of those super-fan letters I assume you get everyday but since the opportunity is right in front of my face, I prefer to grab it. This is so long now and I’ve done so much editing and thinking—it doesn’t even fit in your ask box anymore! Haha! I really am sorry if I sound creepy—look creepy since you’re reading or sound creepy because there’s that reading voice in your mind but that’s yours, not mine. Sorry if you sound creepy? Is that right? Gah! Ok. I’m stopping. Just… keep writing, don’t stop. Even if that has a tremendous, vast, colossal, BIG effect on me since you’re the only person that could make my tongue tie, not literally, okay? :) Oh. I’m talking to a genius, of course you know what I mean. I’m stopping now now. :( Sorry."
— nenerissa


Dear Neri,

One day I was thinking that no one will really get along with my moody attitude but then you came, and I realize that you are trying to keep on understanding me though I am annoying already. I’m really thankful that God gave me you. 

I thought that the friendship we had back then will never be okay once again. But see, it’s alive. Hahaha.

All I want to say is thank you for the wonderful moments that we had and we will have for the future. I’m sorry if I am like this. I don’t promise to be a best best friend but I will try to be one.

I love you forever and always.

P.S. I will do my best to a lasallian so we can be together, if you want? hahahaha.

Love, Guilian

acolossalfool-deactivated201305 said:

What do you do when you're too sad to confront the reason why you feel that way?

I talk with my pen and papers, with my pen as the instrument of weaving those gloomy thoughts and feelings of mine into those fine pieces of papers. In that way, I somehow feel relieved — that I have released those sad feelings lingering in my being.