In celebration of the upcoming release of MM3D later this week I present a sneak peak of my SkullKid cosplay! 

(that was made specifically FOR the remake, I mean the mask has been finished since early December last year but I wanted a little more to show before posting) 

The shoes, shirt, and hat were all done with orange burlap (which gets everywhere btw).

the neck piece (and soon gloves and shorts) is just green fabric modpodged over to give texture and stiffen. 

And the star of the show, Majora’s Mask was done with cardboard craftfoam and pipe cleaner modpodged to hell and back and then painted by hand.

more to come soon, as I plan on wearing it to go buy the game on friday.



An inspiring, and very well edited look at the colors in Pixar. By Rishi Kaneria.


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The best part of seeing Nemo 3D was the Toy Story short film, Partysaurus Rex.