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The best part of seeing Nemo 3D was the Toy Story short film, Partysaurus Rex.


Un fan from hell de @DisneyPixar por aquí.

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If you like this strip and want to see it in 2D and at a whopping
16 X 20 inches, make sure you pick up the PHENOMENAL
Locust Moon Press publication, LITTE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER 
DREAM!  My piece doesn’t even scratch the surface. It is jam-packed
with masterpieces (not exaggerating, folks) from pals Paul Pope,
Craig Thompson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jill Thompson, David Mack,
Maris Wicks, Joe Quinones, Charles Vess, John Cassaday, Jim Rugg,
Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Dean Haspiel, Aaron Conley,
Peter Bagge, Marc Hempel, Scott Morse, Paolo Rivera, Farel Dalrimple,
Mark Buckingham…etcetera, etc… AMAZING INCREDIBLE STUFF!