During 1926 and 1927, a travelling rapist and murderer killed twenty-two women in America and Canada, starting in San Francisco and ending in Winnipeg, and in the meantime travelling as Far East as Philadelphia. Most of the victims were landladies who advertised rooms to rent, and their naked bodies were usually found in the room they were offering. For a long time the police were not even aware of what the killer looked like, but eventually a woman to whom he had sold some jewellery - taken from a victim - was able to describe him as a polite young man with a simian mouth and jaw. The police eventually caught up with Earle Nelson, simply because he was unable to stop killing, and left a well-defined trail of corpses behind him.


Let us not forget we should get Move to 100M. According to Youtube, Move has 73,489,210 views. According to Vevo, Move has 74,651,215 views. It’s only 1M more, but that means we’re 1M views closer! Now we only need 25.3M+ views. 

Wings got to 100M views in over 2 years. Move has been up for a year (Uploaded Oct. 25, 2013) and even got a little over 1M views in the first 24 hours within it’s upload.

Vevo updates their views faster, but is only available for selected countries. So if it’s not available in yours, you can still watch it on Youtube. Every view counts, but make sure you are logged out of your youtube account! If you are logged in and watch it, it will only count as one view. No matter how many times you watch the video, or you refresh it, or if you have many tabs open, or if you have it on all your devices, it will only count as one view per account if you are logged in. Make sure you are logged out of your youtube account.

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Musical Psych-Out for 2x10: Gus’s Day May Have Killed an Old Guy