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What's all this Floyd Mayweather reading thing?

50 Cent has been trying to bait Floyd Mayweather into a beef for 2 years now because Floyd cut him off and stopped talking to him. (the reason Floyd cut him off is a whole long ass topic that I won’t get into here)

Meanwhile, T.I. started beefing with Floyd because he thought Floyd was fucking Tiny. Then Floyd started beefing with Nelly because Nelly started fucking his ex. 

Then 2 days ago, Floyd does an interview and starts talking about “irrelevant rappers” trying to beef with him because he still has a career after 17 years and they don’t.

He was most likely talking about T.I and Nelly, because he’s literally ignored 50 for almost 2 years now. 

But 50 took the opportunity to pounce and started dissing Floyd because he can’t read that good (he dropped out of school in 6th grade to focus on boxing, his parents were also on drugs. Prolly not good decision making going on in the house). 

So 50 Cent says he’d give $750k to charity if Floyd read 1 page out of Harry Potter without messing up. 

Then this morning, the breakfast club released audio of Floyd trying to read 2-sentence promotional drops for the station. 


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