Nekusagi Alice

After encountering her doppelganger Eris, Alice found herself in one of her prototype toys that she had made when she worked at Aperture’s Daycare. It was a creature that had the face of a kitten, the ears of a rabbit, a long tail that ended in a cotton ball, and wings like a butterfly, it was a creation that she called “Nekusagi” or “Cat Rabbit” as it was known in english. The little Nekusagi decided to wander around the facility to see if anyone at all could help her return to her normal body.

Scarlett’s van was parked in a remote location, away from the battles and away from someone she thought she could trust with helping her raise the orphan baby. Her pet Nekusagi was sat by her feet, trying to comfort her master. “I’ll be fine Alexandra. As long as I got you here, who needs Rene?” She smiled.