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Spook is definately one of my faves, ok? And I really like Entre and Jaime too vuv especialy kid Jaime dfgdgfg he’s such a cute patoot.

afbfbfbffsg thanks u-u

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spook is a total babe i dont care what anyone says



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I feel like now would be an appropriate time to gush about how much I freakin love Spook (because goddam I love him so much) but also I think maybe that I shouldn’t

no you should definitely gush at me rn

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so spook doesnt love rocky anymore if he ever really did? this should be no offense or critic or something, just a question on the blog bc if you please answer that it would be so much easier for us to stop hoping when we knew that's just like it is.

uhh what?
i dont get what you mean
of course Spook loves Rocky. he’s his best friend?

that never stopped being a thing that was true
he gave up on having him around when rocky left for england and didnt turn up forever
but rocky showed up and spook accepted him pretty readily even if things were kinda awkward between them for a while

so yeah, Spook loves Rocky. he always has. Spook loves One too. Spook loves Micah. Spook loves his mom.
its not easy to get Spook to love you, but he’s damn stubborn about it once it happens. he’s pretty damn loyal to the people who’ve managed to worm their way into his heart

love isn’t only romantic. which is what i guess confused ppl about Spook coming to the ~realization~ he loved One. it was the realization he loved him just…loved him. not in a romantic way or a sexual way or whatever 
no labels, just love
that sounds really gay but yeah

you cant use traditional thinking when it comes to spook
he’s all shades of gray and he’s all about being outside ~normal~
and he hates being limited and he hates being boxed into a label
so trying to section off love into “romantic” and “platonic” is already not gonna work with spook because when  he loves, he just loves

spook is not going to try anything “romantic” with rocky at this point, no. because he tried and it ended horribly for him. he still asks for sexual favors (on the rare chance he needs them) and he still enjoys rocky’s company, closeness, and he appreciates rocky’s attempts to emotionally bond with him even if Emotion isnt a thing spook understands or does well
but he does not wish to kiss or get all loveylovey with rocky
not that he would even if they hadnt been interrupted
that kind of stuff isnt spook’s forté at all and he would have figured out he didnt like it and would have quit on his own whim
but it would not have meant his feelings waned
he still feels really strongly about rocky, now. i mean really? “spookstar” has never stopped being “canon” technically as far as spook goes
because spook has never stopped loving rocky and considering him one of the most important parts of his life 

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i thought you didn't care for romantic ships? for the longest time you were all about platonic stuff and all of a sudden it came out of nowhere.. sorry i just don't really understand what's happening and why it's happening with one and spook...

I’m sorry it seems that way, but hopefully I can clear some of it up for you by explaining.

i’ll start off saying, just because I don’t care for it, doesn’t mean I won’t put it in a story I’m writing. I don’t care for eyeviolence but i had Spook cut out his eye. I don’t care for animal abuse/violence, but Spook canonly mistreats animals.

I was about not making ships “canon” as in: way back when I had Entre, I saw proof of other pairings going badly when shown they were dating/married/friendswithbenefits/whathaveyou. Then eventually I decided that why should I limit my stories just because there’s backlash?  I agreed to have 12 and Entre canonly dating before I left Entre’s blog. I let Swag and Entre’s relationship in the Zomb AU get a little closer. I’ve allowed Andrew and Clyde be dating and such behind the scenes in Uncomf AU.

I know before I’ve said that Spook was more sexual than romantic, but that was months ago and Spook likes to do his own thing, so eventually I came to the realization that maybe it’s the other way around. And maybe he’s more romantic than I thought, but he’s been more of an internal romantic. It makes sense now with the way he goes about lyricwriting and if you follow his reblog-blog.

He was just confused on whether he was or not. And as always: just because I know something about a character I run, doesn’t mean they do. Like I know that Andrew is homosexual, as a teen, he was struggling with if that was how he was or if it was just a phase or just his way of thinking at the time. I know Spook is graysexual at best, but Spook doesn’t, so he still gives being more sexually active a test here and there (admittedly not as much as I would like to since it’s always received badly and I’d rather sacrifice that than give people a reason to hold animosity towards Spook for a reason I didn’t intend.)

I’ve had Spook coming to the conclusion for a while (shown in his journal blog and a bit, subtly, on his main one) that he might want to date someone. He said at one point that it wouldn’t be Rocky or One, but we often say things we don’t mean and Spook’s no different. He says a lot of stuff he doesn’t mean, he believes and enforces things that he’s a hypocrite on. That’s something human that I emphasize him keeping. His crush on One has been building for a while (since the beginning, I called it a “senpai crush” but it’s grown since then), it shouldn’t really be a surprise. So no matter what, if you walk up to someone who you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses for so you already see them in a better light than they are, and they ask you if you want to go out, wouldn’t you be in favor?

And even then, it wasn’t completely my decision anyways. I had Spook confess his feelings, because Spook felt One needed to be made aware of them, he honestly didn’t expect any sort of…I don’t want to say reciprocation, but the guise of mutual reciprocation I suppose, in return? Like I’m not gonna say he didn’t fantasize about it, but he knew it was his fantasy and it wasn’t realistic, but then it happened? And it wasn’t all on me/Spook. It was also on One, One made that decision to go to that length and given what Spook’s grown to, he wouldn’t have turned him down outright. (besides the fact that he knows One just got rejected and that on top of actually wanting to date One, puts him in this position. the only thing holding him back from saying YES outright is that he’s currently mad at him)

(I’ve done lots of romantic stuff with Rocky and Spook too, I don’t understand why I’m only getting this ask now.

Like, yeah, I insisted Spook and Rocky were platonic at one time, because they were, at the time. Then Things happened and welly well well it’s a mess. Furthermore, you can’t hold Spook to any one thing when it comes to how he feels about something, especially another person. He is my #1 character for getting out the message that feelings for a person are fluid. As fluid as sexuality and gender. And they’re confusing. Especially the love for a person and how you love them vs how you think you love them vs how society defines your love for them.)

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skully, do you have any recs for onceler/ask blog dedicated blogs if you follow any?


you mean like actual users?

well i guess as far as the ones i follow
miru is pretty dedicated as far as like…she doesnt post a lot that ISNT onceler/askblog related
this is a blog dedicated to swagtre
piper’s pretty dedicated to SC-ler and Chem and chemicalphobia 8) even if you dont know who they are its pretty cute to watch her get excited over them
arianna blogs a bit about askblogs and i know she draws and writes for them as well as is a mod (actually most of the ppl im gonna link are gonna be mods of some sort)
bri blogs a lot about swag, one, and aarron (mostly swag)
flit is really good at character analysis and she’s a big rocky fan (as well as some others but mostly she’s really gay for rocky)
kg really likes aarron and one
daph is ogleby/onag’s mod and things pop up even tho her blog is Attack on Free!
minty does a reblog thing sometimes usually swag
this goob is this goob’s mod who is one of the few Once-ler askblogs left active
nova is dani’s mod and also reblogs and draws teen stuff
this is swone and is one of the few once-lers i still follow cuz he’s adorb (and still active)
this is audrey/martha jen’s mod and is a big nerd
this is ink/isaac’s mod <3
this is ted/tadd/isadora’s mod
aarron’s mod 
idk some loser
72/emm’s mod <3333
zomb au swag/clyde’s dumbass i mean mod
some other loser who did a thing once or something not a big deal

and thats it for who i follow
there are a few other blogs who do reblog askblog related things or write for it or draw but they dont do it all that often and you said “dedicated” so i stuck with ppl i knew made an askblog/onceler related post pretty frequently on their blog