An event we never got ; o;

Top 5 Most Liked Event Foods (Doki Doki Island Edition)

During this event, my character has already gained quite a bit of weight. What could possibly be that made my character fat? Well, there’s a few food items I’ve fallen in love with during this event and I’ll countdown all the way to 1. Which won’t be too much because there’s only 5 special foods in this event (to me of course).

5. Silvervine Fruit


It’s number 5 because not only do you go on every channel trying to get one, but if you camp a tree people will still go up to the bugger and take what you’re camping for. Like friggen rude right? Well, not only does Wenger’s cat like the fruit, but it also helps you lose weight.

4. Show-Off Steak


I know we had an event that had this in the past, but some of the titles are funny. To list some that I have gotten so far - The Ball Slayer With A Single Blow, The Ducky, and The Impra Black.

We made pervy jokes and non-pervy ones, but The Impra Black one. I wasn’t transed and I’m an elf. I wonder how many people didn’t read that correctly or shook their heads to clear their thought process.

3.Ebi Sushi


YOU GET TO SPARKLE! I don’t know about any of you, but I like shiny things. Why not make your character shine? They’ll love you for it.

If this had made my character sparkle like the vampires from the Twilight Saga then I wouldn’t like it. I don’t think Vampires should sparkle, even if I like shiny things. Just takes away from the nature that were bestowed upon them. That’s all for another conversation hopefully in the future. Maybe. Probably will be on my main blog since this is for Mabi though.

Gah! Got sidetracked- anywho to number 2.

2. Sakura Rice Cake


Just the description sounds enticing- “A rice cake with a hint of cherry blossom, it smells divine.”

So, you can guess where this is going. Once you eat the rice cake, you get one of those video’s of eating one of the best things ever…but wait, something’s falling around your character? Well, that’s the effect of eating it, you are your own cherry blossom tree for a short while. It makes great for pictures and looks pretty as well.

Finally, I present to you - number 1!

1. Silvervine Drink


How could this be my number 1? Why?

Because you can catch this while trying to catch your Bluefin Tuna or Salmon for the event (and hopefully trying to catch a cat eye). It’s my first because it’s so easy to get, just afk and fish away.

Another reason this is first? Once you drink it, it helps you lose weight. Faster then the springs so you don’t have to waste time waiting for that fat to melt off.

Just remember though, eating or drinking anything while your character has no black in the stam bar is the same as overfeeding. So please don’t give your character more food than what they need. I’ve gained weight before for over feeding my character.

Have fun on Nekoji-errr I mean Doki Doki Island~

Just a little note - If none of you have noticed yet, which I’m sure you have if you’ve played Mabi for quite a bit of years as I have, Doki Doki Island is actually Nekojima - a Japan exclusive update. So I will be sad to say really close to 100% that we’re not keeping this island after this event. I’d be so happy if we could though, I’ve been wanting to set foot on this island since it’s release in Japan and I’m so happy I can at this moment.

Are you a cat lover? :)

Did you know that there are ~11 #Nekojima aka Cat Islands in #Japan!?!? #kawaii

Here are the islands:
1. Enoshima, Kanagawa Prefecture
2. Okishima, Shiga Prefecture
3. Sanagishima, Kagawa Prefecture
4. Aoshima, Ehime Prefecture
5. Muzukijima, Ehime Prefecture
6. Manabeshima, Okayama Prefecture
7. Iwaishima, Yamaguchi Prefecture
8. Aijima Fukuoka Prefecture
9. Aishima, Fukuoka Prefecture
10. Genkaishima, Fukuoka Prefecture
11. Kadarashima, Saga Prefecture


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but anyway, yeah I just used the boombox forever and also took the love test by the Psychology kid nearby Wenger.. You can take that test with your soulmate once every Erinn and if you get that correct you get +1%!

I believe the boombox is +40pts per round, but you have to end up with a total score of 50 or higher. So every 2.5 rounds of boombox would be 100pts, so you’d get +1%!