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"Human, open the dooooor!"

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nassel’s fanarts and the Sasuke’s zoo syndrome

I’ve noticed that I have to do a fanart with an horse and then my Sasuke’s (Sasusaku) animals collection will be completed xD

Seriously…I relate him with so much animals xD

(and of course he is an animal in bed too , but this is a whole different thing….moreover he is also a romantic guy underneath the underneath)

by zoophilic nassel

ps: I have no time for the moment, but I guess my next work will be a ssfanart with new “the last” design for both ;) I trust in my otp

Oreo: What’s this here mom?
Mom: That’s your new 2015 calendar Oreo! Tell your friends how cool it is!
Oreo: Is there bacons inside it mom?
Mom: Well, not REAL bacon… But there’s a picture on the cover!
Oreo: …FRIENDS… This is my new 2015 calendar. It’s cool, but not as cool as the REAL me…the real me has REAL bacons inside.
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