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Leverage Star Trek AU

  • Captain Ford is an alcoholic, self-pitying cynical bastard of a starship captain who is lucky to be given the helm at all, as First Mate Devereaux likes to remind him.
  • It’s a pity he’s so good at his job.
  • (by a certain definition of “good” that involves ignoring a number of intergalactic mandates and starfleet rules, and serving ‘the spirit of the law’ and ‘justice’ and ‘right’ which–generally results in someone shouting at him, but Sophie Devereaux has never been especially known for a strong moral compass. Or following orders.)
  • (Sophie Devereaux is known for speaking twenty different alien languages plus a handful of dialects, and may have been implicated in a number of very high-profile scandals in relation to alien princesses and lost art. But she’s straight now, and she’d like to hear anyone say different.)
  • Alec Hardison, Chief Engineer, has been in love with Second Officer Parker almost since they met. The rest of the crew has been taking bets on when they’ll actually get together.
  • (The real story is a bit more complicated, it’s about Parker’s reticence and fear and Hardison’s willingness to wait, his love–but neither of them are about to reveal that much to the crew.)
  • Tactical Officer Eliot Spencer has been in love with both of them for longer than that, but he denies it–violently–whenever even alluded to.
  • They boldly go.

Since tumblr wanted to be a big meanie I’m trying to repost my answer to you pinkblueberrytea regarding what I love about collecting Layton goods 

I don’t know if you revealed your identity for me on purpose or if you simply forgot to mark it as anon, neither the less I am happy to see who sends me all these lovely asks! Also thank you! ♥

And why not celebrate this with a long, long storytime. Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket cause this will be waffling, believe me.

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When an explosion at Victory Munitions is linked to HYDRA, Agent Peggy Carter is sent undercover to investigate. Already with her suspicions about the blast, Betty immediately pins the new girl poking her nose where she shouldn’t be right to the top of her list of suspects. After a tense confrontation, Peggy is forced to reveal herself and her mission, but with HYDRA closing in, she has to take all the help she can get.

kendralynora​ I do believe you requested something along the lines of an Agent Carter/Bomb Girls crossover.



Eren Jaeger - The Tower
Armin Arlert - The Hermit
Mikasa Ackerman - Ace of Swords
Jean Kirschtein - Five of Cups
Marco Bodt - The Hanged Man
Mina Carolina -  Four of Pentacles
Thomas Wagner - Ace of Cups
Annie Leonhardt - The High Priestess
Reiner Braun - Ace of Pentacles 
Bertholdt Hoover - The Moon
Connie Springer - Knight of Swords
Sasha Braus - Ace of Wands
Christa Renz (Historia Reiss) - The Lovers
Ymir - Six of Wands
Dot Pixis -  The Emperor 
Ian Dietrich -
King of Wands
Rico Brzenska - 
The Chariot
Erwin Smith - King of Swords
Levi (Ackerman or something) - The Devil
Petra Ral - Temperance
Erd Gin - 
Auruo Bossard - The Fool
Gunther Schultz - The Magician
Mike Zacharias -  Seven of Wands
Nanaba - The Hierophant
Hanji Zoe - The Star
Moblit Berner - Ten of Wands
Nile Dawk - Justice

You can find out your Tarots here if you wish.

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