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Don’t let me be misunderstood - Nina simone
Arcades - C2C
I don’t know why I love you  - Stevie Wonder
Back in Time - V V Brown
Monster - Kanye West
Alison - Ycare
I won’t let you go - James Morrison
Find your love - Drake
Thinking about you - Radiohead
Ave Cesaria - Stromae

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LOL it’s the same here. They had a promo code where, if you spent $35, you got to choose one of three different gift bags with a bunch more samples in there. I spent exactly that amount, so it was really great!


Hi, new post on my blog, please use the transaltion tool for non french Speaker.


Basically, I wanted to try those faux sock tights, I view some on Yoursclothing.co.uk. I asked them If Pamela Mann was one of their suppliers, because PM tights don’t fit me even in 32 (I’m 28/30 UK for tights), they told it was their tights and it was real 32. Obviously, it wasn’t.. I cut them, so they could fit, but they’re way lower than they should be. I don’t like this outfit so much, honestly I don’t know if I like those kind of tights on me. But, i’m still sad, that I can’t find fantasy tights in my size. I’m addicted to We Love color, but I want some dots, cross, lace or others fantasies. If you have some store, for 30UK/US I’ll be really happy. Especially if it’s in Europe, but why not in the US. 

I was at Kiabi headquarters yesterday with two other plus size blogger, I tried some dresses, I gave my opinion about the plus size section. And I designed a dress for next summer, plus size of course, I can’t wait!!


New article on my blog, in France we’ve got those fashion contest where fashion coaches gives advice to wear flattering clothes, and to “hide fat women curves”.  I can’t stand any more “don’t wear bright color”, or “don’t wear prints ou big flower”. I just want to wear whatever makes me happy, I don’t care about being what other people want me to be. You know I’ll still be fat with a black dress, but I least with my neon jacket I feel cute :3.

the kimono comes from Boohoo plus, it was love at first sight <3 22UK

skirt asos curve 22uk (run big!)

shoes newlook wide fit

In english now : http://neiiko.blogspot.fr/2014/09/floral-kimono.html


I’m back on the blog with an outfit made from really unexpensive  clothes that I customized.

The skirt (made with two small size skirts) from ebay 12$ 

The top, from the men plus size range of Decathlon (sportwear brand) less than 6$. I don’t find plus size crop top, I had to do it myself :)

I try to write in English now, you can read more here 



You can look at the French curve challenge page on facebook to see a special tutus skirt challenge 

=> https://www.facebook.com/frenchcurveschallenge