Hanging out with my friends. Sweetheart and Biscuit were a bit more aggressive today than usual. Especially Biscuit. He tried chewing a hole in my food bag. He and Sweetheart not only barricaded me, but they also were chewing on my clothes and jumped on me. Lol.

I can never make it to the pin without pouring the escape artists some of my goodies.

The nannies all have names (Mud (or as I refer to her: Goatee) was the only one who was named by their parents). My mother helped with the names. The one with the blue collar’s name is Emily and the one who’s pregnant’s name is Tippy. There’s another nanny (who just had two kids), but I’m just going to refer to her as Wild Eyes for now.

Anyway, they love me and I love them. Their parents are also cool people who let their goats have anything they want.

- requested: the neighbourhood lead singer, Jesse rutherford 

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