A reminder to those who never heard back in July that, yes, it’s okay to support Clarence, and Skyler Page is no longer working on it.

And we should be excited about what Clarence is doing! It’s coming up from the ashes and sneaking past the censors, bit by bit, to attempt what Adventure Time tried and failed to do. It may be bittersweet to those who were rooting for Adventure Time to be the first cartoon to portray a gay couple, and those who stopped supporting the show after what happened with Page, but you’ve got to admit, they’ve gotten away with more in their first season than any show prior!


Sneak Peek of the upcoming Steven Universe “Neighborhood Grill”, from the New York Comic Con


Steven Universe Sneak Peek – Neighborhood Grill- “Be wherever you are”(song)

omg im just so happy about this cause like u kno this is the reallyfirst time from my memory cartoon network has allowed the display of a gay couple, although they had to change the scene a bit but you can see it still. its not some subtle hint or headcannon that you would get with other animated shows on the network like adventure time but no they actually showed it and it was great and im so happy

allalonegayteen asked:

So did cartoon network just have another gay couple the first one was in "Neighborhood Grill" in season 1, ep 21.I believe garnet fusion's are in love and both female. What do you think?Do you think people are going to get mad about this?

Oh yeah, Clarance does have LGBT+ representation! And I agree, I believe that Ruby and Sapphire, as sentient polymorphic rocks, do both present as feminine and that together can be read as a gay relationship by their fusion into Garnet. They are very clearly in love, are close, supportive, and feel that they together are better than when they are apart.

And if people get mad- whatever It’s 2015, people need to get over it and how relationships that don’t reflect their own make them uncomfortable or that they think it’s inappropriate for children. CN has been fully supportive of it’s current lineup and the stories they want to tell, so screw the haters.

rUBY AND sapPHIRE ARE RLLY GREAT AND ALL BUt stop saying it’s the first serious lesbian/same-sex kiss because
1) clarence did it way before (two men in “neighborhood grill,” one of the main characters has two moms in “jeff wins”)
2) there’s probably other children shows that did something similar!
3) nonbinary gems so nonbinary kiss B^)

It smells like someone in the neighborhood is either grilling with nothing but lighter fluid, or possibly refueling their jet.

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Today’s the St. Patty’s Day parade and I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention to this holiday more than I have this year. Will be grilling with friends and watching parades out front.