Vermapyre // OEDE SPLIT 7'' REVIEW

Recently i got a few records that i had been hearing about online amongst them was Integritys new 7”, Tape and 2x12” special ”systems overload” and finally this new split 7” from OEDE and VERMAPYRE.

Oede’s side of this 7” begins with no surrender, sounding like it has been recorded somewhere at the of a bottom of a swamp. A placid blues song drenched in a wall of sludge defilement. 

A harmonica slips through on the first song conjuring images of a troubled southern story telling song writer, sitting on his wooden rocking chair playing the handmade one sting wonder.

The second song is unrelenting… outset into exasperated rawness.

It is pure escapism from the shitty day to day life you have slipped into and only just awoken from.

Vermapyre’s side takes you down a perplexing path of creepy screeches amongst awe filled shredding played on a handmade guitar of hate.

fouled and disheveled this side defiantly is.

I want more.


VVlad - Djevelens Hals

Haunting Doomey Blues

Do share.


Me playing cigarbox guitar