Todays #instagram #exhibition ” Homo Sampi Toysareius” 2011, #ink on #paper, 56 x 76. my neighbour in #yangon brought in a kid to their house at the age of 12. First as at #playmate / #toy for their own son and later as a domestic worker. After 5 years he left the house with an mp3 player and a football. It is not him in the picture but they are everywhere. #Neglicted #art #myanmar #stencil #exploited #capism #stamp #sold

A Lover’s Confession: Time elapses in Joy

Many years ago, we thought about marriage in a funny, simple, imitative way, without noticing what was it to really think of caring someone. Everything was blurry and experimental, as late as our appearance.

Absurdly, today’s reunion was extremely comfortable, sweet and fun. We as always acted as the storytellor, fragmentrily narrated nostalgic motions. Tears were forgotten, sadness were neglicted and the image of beauty was rediscovered.

However, the pity were us; as god never let us the chance…love was missed in time, in the river of history.

History was revived, meanwhile the river was not exactly the same. She has a pretty face - it was the impression that we percieved - let the grace last forever.

We were pragmatic dreamer, which means one needs to stay on earth. Our original plan was…ha…never mind, plan and reality are so accidentally ironic.