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Neena Frost - in uniform


Neena is the love-child of Emma Frost and Namor. After years of casual hook-ups, Neena was the result. Emma chose to raise Neena by herself, rather than relying on namor (cause lets be honest, namor isn’t exactly a positive parental figure), which is why Neena ended up taking Frost as her last name as opposed to McKenzie. Being an intelligent girl, Neena was able to recognize the “alpha dog”ness of her parents very early on and decided to steer away from that. Brought up with all the dignity, confidence,  and elegance of her parents, but with none of the ego. But she still maintains the classic “bitch face” her parents are famous for. She suffers no fools, but rarely ever steps up into the leader role, she is a perfect support unit to any team and will often just get the job done herself.

Her basic power set is Flight and Superstrength which he inherited from her father, but because she’s down to being only a quarter atlantean, she cannot breathe underwater. For extra durability, she can go into a diamond form, like her mother.

After graduating the Jean Grey School, she joined up with the now-reformed Older Cylcop’s team who work out of rebuilt Genosha. This team specializes as a mutant Swat unit within Genosha. The Team consists of Cyclops, Tempus, Armor, Elixier, Beast, X-23, Molly Hayes, and Neena. Being of the same power set, Neena, Molly, and Armor have formed a great bond.