This is a fanfic I wrote for Neekadya for WiR secret santa. The prompt was Vanellope and Turbo being friends and fighting over a tie, so here’s what I came up with! 

I hope she likes it! Merry Christmas, Neekadya and to everyone else who is in the WiR fandom! You all are super duper amazing and put the Turbo in Turbotastic!


Well, this is my gift for you, I hope I did justice! As you said in your promp, here’s Felix comforting Vanellope after talking about all the problems Ralph had, just like her. I tried to make it look a little bit happy, because well, it’s christmas time! So I also drew them with winter clothes hehe.

Oh and yep, they’re sitting on a mint and chocolate ice cream, hahahah~ (This is the first Felix I draw, so I’m sorry if he doesn’t look perfect at all!)

Hope you like it! And I also hope that you have amazing holidays, i’m sure you deserve it! ^-^ <3

AND AGAIN, I had to wake up in the middle of the night to draw a creature that appeared in a dream. Seriously, how is my brain inventing things like this. It’s funny because i’m more original while sleeping than while I try to draw something at daytime hahahaha 

I have no name for him yet… Any suggestions?