fallenangelpurifier asked:

Michael smiled, placing a normal sized plate in front of the other. On the plate, it had sausages and seasoned pasta. Beside it, he placed a cup of iced tea. The winged man kissed Absolon's lips, "I think you can eat normally now, so that's good!"

Tilting his head to the side, Absolon thought over what the other said. After all this time it finally clicked in the younger’s mind that Michael was trying to help his rather unhealthy eating habits.

Giving a soft and genuine smile he moved forward and quickly gave Michael a kiss in return, then moving on to the plate and eating. He accidentally ate a little fast, the happiness he felt distracting his mind from focusing on pacing himself.

Still, after he finished he jumped up and hugged Michael tightly, nuzzling him.

"This is rather considerate of you~ … Thank you, Michael."

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