I’m soliciting for thoughts, feelings, and opinions of others…because frankly I need advice. I’ve prayed, meditated, and talked to different people about this. Now I’m turning to my followers. I just want input on what anyone has to say about this situation.

Boy that I like, who shall remain nameless, and thank goodness does not have a blog that I’m aware of. Nor is he aware of my blog. At least I hope he doesn’t know about this. But anyways he isn’t in the same city as me. We met back in May. Seems so weird to realize it was that long ago. We met at a weird time in my life. I was seeing someone and didn’t even acknowledge the connection him and I had. But now that my relationship didn’t work out (it’s better this way and him and I agreed and we really are still friends.) And boy crush and I have declared that we like each other, yet he has stated that he will not do long distance. Which I respect and agreed with in the beginning. But I changed my mind. I would commit to long distance for now because of two reasons: it won’t be long distance forever and I recognize that there is something different here.

Number one: it won’t be long distance forever. I’m at a point in my life (old) to where I can make major life decisions. And I’ve also got the safety net of my parents (best roommates ever!) So I can make moves and career choices and have the comfort of knowing that my parents will always be there for me if I need to come back. They support me trying things. And they also assured me that if I were to mess up my life; now is the time because I can still fix it and move forward. That being said, I am kind of stuck here until May. After May I can do anything. ANYTHING. Including transfer to a University near you or less than 6 hours away and try this thing with you and I. (Go ahead, call me crazy) but the thing is you won’t open up enought yet to let me come stay with you for the weekend to see if this would even work. To see if there is even chemistry enough for this to be the something beautiful we think it could be. And I’m getting close to getting you to let me in. I just don’t know if you’re scared of getting attached or what but I can tell you scared.

Number two: there is definitely something different here. You aren’t normal. And I know I am so not normal. We both accept that we are weird and we work. Distance is just the enemy. I’m the girl and I’m doing what us girls do best and I am obviously more attached than you already. Whatever. But you don’t even seem to mind. We’re the same age. We’re at extremely similar places in our lives and we both want the same things out of life. I just can’t sit back and not try to see if this is it.

Obviously our Internet is back up after Sunday night’s storm and I’m excited to have signal so I can blog from my iPad. And I’m stalling before I have to go to work tonight. Sorry for over-sharing but I want feedback. Even if I don’t know you and we’ve never talked, please share!