In a way this is a continuation of my last personal post and after a lot more thinking it’s still giving me sleepless nights.
I really need some advice here and maybe some of you happen to know a thing or two. If you either are or want to become a professional artist… how do you handle your art online? What do you post and where and most importantly, how do you separate the things you do for fun from your more serious art?
I find myself increasingly in a situation where I’d like to share some of my art with a particular public but rather have them not see other stuff I draw. 

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hermannco asked:

Sorry to ask but, not so long ago you did a mini tutorial I think on after effects, I can't find it, did you tag it with anything particulary?

 i think i got rid of it

or i didnt tag it OOPS

but if u want i can give what i know here, too. this will b more lengthy, since i left out some things that u need to do before animating in the first place, lol

if you’re curious on how i animate (there’s so much more to after effects & im still learning), i always separate things into parts

i do this in photoshop. different layers, some can have many parts or not so much, but i never merge them once im done.

then i open after effects.  i start a new project.

then a new composition.

24 frames per second.  and then i set the duration time (how long this certain comp will be)

once i click ok, im ready to import the file into the composition. tho i dont add it in the way that the parts of the pic are separated like i shown above. i make sure they’re in the right places.

now i go to import

i select the file to import and import as footage

i select composition, and editable layer styles, then click ok

there they are. in the left section, 

then i drag them down into the composition section

it’s the bottom one

but some pieces are in the wrong places, and overall the whole thing is too big to fit in the comp! u can either edit the comp size (composition > composition settings) or select all the layes in the composition section, press S (which is for scale) and shrink them all down to fit!  then u simply click and move the layers to their correct places (basically like u do with photoshop layers).


now i can start animating!  usually my animations are just simple rotations and positioning + proper timing.  a lil thing to remember is the anchor point.

if u leave this point exactly where it is (which is always the center), rotating some parts will turn out the way u DONT want it to rotate

example, a simple rotation of the arm, without moving the anchor point at all

NOT what i want it to do! so… i simply select the pan behind tool

this tool allows me to move the anchor point around! so with it, i move it to the elbow!

now i try rotating again


now, puppet tool is different!  if u look at my animations, some things seem to bend like rubber.  that’s the puppet tool at work.  say i want to move this tail.  i select the tool

i place points on the tail WITH its layer in the composition section selected

notice how two of the dots are empty and one’s filled in yellow.

that means the dot that’s filled is the one currently selected and the one im able to move around. 

i simply click and drag!

but be careful, too 

BASICALLY, i just move parts around!!  there’s so much more u can do with after effects and im still a sprout, but i find it fun making these animations!

sorry if u still have some trouble understanding.  im not the best at explaining!! if you’re still confused, feel free to message me!!  video tutorials help, too!  they sure helped me. :)


It’s almost 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning and I’m posting cosplay progress, because thanks to work I DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT ANYMORE

Have some more Mink. He needs pockets, waist thing, and sleeves. And to be dyed. eventually. I hate fringe. And that’s my mock up shackle, because Plan A didn’t work, so here is my MacGyver’ed Plan B. Now that I have my measurements all planned out, I can make two more that are far less janky.

I’m also raging at wrinkles because I have ironed this thing 270000 times and they will not come out. I am very angry.

So, as you can see. I posted a thing of me. I guess I can’t stay out the game eh?

But, I think I want to change it up. I started out in sweet and I really do love it, I just think I need to step in a different direction. Which is why I’m going to try my hand at Gothic and Aristocrat.

I just love dark colours so much and I feel I’d be more comfortable in it. I’ll here wear sweet here and there, but I want to do more Gothic and Aristocrat outfits.

I noticed the original photo of my collection keeps getting notes so I decided to upload a more updated version

a detailed explaining of where or how i acquired the vessels can be found here

some thoughts i've had after scrolling through the hetalia tag

[warning: mentions of triggering things, read at your own discretion]

[I’m not putting a “read more” on this. Beause I don’t want to.]

Tumblr has been a lot of things. It’s been an avenue for people to express themselves and reblog the things that interest them. It’s been an avenue where people make friends and find solace when the world outside their dashboard doesn’t seem to please them.

Seems like enough place right? But like everything else that exists in this world, there’s a darker/not-so wonderful side to it.

Tumblr—the Internet, in general—has also become a place where people have more inflated egos. They do and say things that don’t actually have the balls to do in real life. It has become an avenue where people can and will spread hate.

The reason as to why people hate on other people’s fandoms, well, there is a ton of possible reasons.

I honestly don’t know how to feel about the whole Hetalia hate thing.

I know that some people are all “Hetalia is anti-semitic” or “Hetalia is Nazi propaganda” or other things. Alright, fine, there might have been some portrayals of nazism, anti-semitism, racism, and a whole lot of other subliminal messages throughout the show and comics, but it is art after all. And art should be taken with a grain of salt.

And yes there are some people that have turned into Nazis because of Hetalia, but people shouldn’t suddenly generalize the whole fandom as Nazis, anti-semitics, racists.

The thing is: What are telling the fans to kill themselves, posting inappropriate things in the tag, declaring the Hetalia is anti-semitic/racist/whatever, saying that Hetalia and all its fans suck going to do?

Haters might think that they’ve made the world a better place. But no, they shouldn’t feel so proud because in the end all they did was shove their opinion down people’s throats. It’s not like they’ve removed Hitler from existence or stop Neo-Nazi movements. All they did was bully people who enjoyed a show/anime/manga not for its “anti-semitic portrayals” and “Nazi glorification”, but these fans actually enjoy Hetalia for other reasons and let them be.

If the haters think that they can stop Hetalia fans from liking Hetalia, theyre most likely wrong.

And conversely, the fans should stop being affected if the claims made by the haters aren’t true. These haters want attention, it’s what fuels them, but fans always fall into the pit of giving haters attention. So a tip for fellow fans: Ignore the haters. You don’t need to give them your attention.

Moving on, the Internet is full of bigots, haters, hardcore fans who have no that their devotion has led them to do some awful things, fans who just lay low, fans who do what they do—all kinds of people basically.

The Internet has become a replica of the real world now. Some people even consider the Internet as their true reality. That’s an equally amazing and terrifying fact.

Think before you act.

Be careful out there.

Watch your back.

Big Brother is watching.

Big Brother has always been watching.


To my followers

I felt I needed to make this post. I know I promised a few of you some draw requests. Do not worry. I promise I’ll get to them. I just have a few things going on at once here but just know I have not forgotten and I’ll be back to drawing hopefully more than before very soon.^.^ Thanks for being so patient.


From four corners they were called.
Sisters by birthright; strangers by circumstance.

Alone, they were were the Beauty Queen, the Fangirl, the Sweetheart, the Hipster, and the Drama Geek.
Together, they were FIFTH HARMONY

Together, they would save the world.

Whenever I mention I am scout
  • Non-scout person:what do you scouts do?
  • Me:wait
  • N-s person:you guys sell cookies?
  • Me:what?
  • N-s:you cross old ladies across the street?
  • Me:no, stop it
  • N-s:do you guys have badges?
  • Me:gosh, no
  • What Id love to answer:listen here you little shit. All the stuff you ask me is taken out of an american stereotype, and its not just disgusting but its also offensive to listen the same questions again and again. We do nothing near that, we do cooler stuff like build things and put things on fire
  • What I will answer next time someone asks me:no, actually we have cookies, sell grandmas and burn badges
  • What I actually answer:ehh, no. Thats a stereotype and we do stuff thats is really weird and hard to explain. Last year we built a catapult :)

i’m not sure about everyone else, but i personally am in some dire need of happiness and peace.  being a louis girl, louis gives me this happiness i am so in need of and after this happened…

well.  can you blame me that the first thing i thought of was to make a glasses!louis post?  

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Paint it Black was written by Brad Bucker & EugenieRoss-Leming, so I wasn’t really expecting a good episode. I didn’t hate it, but definitely the most remarkable thing was Dean’s time in the confessionary.

(Thanks to cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you for being fast and awesome to post the audio here).

Dean starts his confession playing it cool and saying stuff like “it’s the women, Father.” He says he lets them think that they have more of a future than they do, and he even gives a name: Gina. Dean presents himself as a womanizer who sees two or maybe three girls at the same time, even on the same day. Dean says that it was something endless that is “making [him] sick.” The Father tells him to reflect on his transgression. He even hopes that Dean might have the beginning of some “serious soul-searching” when doing this exploration. In other words, he wants Dean to try to understand the reasons for his own behavior.

After talking about this (that may or may not have been how he really feels), Dean starts to talk about the real issues weighing on him. His biggest confession is that he doesn’t want to die, that he isn’t ready. He’s been expecting that to happen sooner or later, but now that he realizes his death might be closer than what he thought, he thinks that:

“There’s things, there’s… people… feelings that I… I wanna experience differently than I have before. Or maybe even for the first time.” 

Do you know what’s more important? Even the Father realized that the kind of feelings Dean was talking about are romantic because he suggested Gina as the person Dean could experience something different with. And what’s Dean’s answer when the Father says that? “Yeah. I’m just starting to think that… there’s more to it all than I thought.”

Of course the first name that came to my mind when Dean said that was Castiel. No doubt about it! But I know the last time Dean mentioned people (who love him, by the way), he was talking about Sam and Cas.

How can Dean experience feelings in a different way toward Sam? Easy! He could start to see Sam as his brother and not as his responsibility. He’s never done that. Since he was 4, taking care of Sammy, being Sammy’s father figure has been who Dean is. Maybe it’s time he does things differently.

How can Dean experience feelings in a different way toward Cas? Well, I seriously can’t think of any platonic, no-homo thing to say, so I’ll spit it out. Maybe the “serious soul-searching” he needs, the one the show’s been hinting at (with cake and Taylor Swift) includes Dean realizing that… yeah… maybe it’s time to let himself love and be loved for the first time. Maybe “there’s more to it all than [he] thought.” Maybe it’s time he finds his own Colette. 

The Underestimator Mixtapes: Punk Rock-A-Bye Baby

Ιt’s my baby daughter Isabella’s second birthday today, so it only seems appropriate to post this different kind of mixtape (compared to the loud/high energy ones usually posted on The Underestimator), dedicated to her and inspired by the kind of music played at home, as part of her bedtime routine.

It starts and ends with her favorite band, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and if I may say just one thing: these punk/ post punk/ garage rock lullabies have been thoroughly tested night after night over the last two years, so you can trust me when I promise that this playlist is guaranteed to offer your toddlers (or yourself!) the soothing feeling of relaxation needed after a long, weary day!

Download as a zip file, here:

Check out some more playlists posted onThe Underestimator here.

01. Psycho Candy - The Jesus And Mary Chain
02. Drifters - Yell-O-Yell
03. Bela Lugosi’s Dead - Bauhaus
04. Atmosphere - Joy Division
05. I Should Have Known Better - Wire
06. Down In The Park - Gary Numan
07. Nightclubbing - Iggy Pop
08. Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones cover) - Sisters Of Mercy
09. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan cover) - The Last Drive
10. Geraldine - Gallon Drunk
11. London After Midnight - The Flaming Stars
12. Hotel Specific (Serge Gainsbourg cover) - Mick Harvey
13. Your Love Is Mine - Holly Golightly
14. Lonesome Town(Ricky Nelson cover) - The Cramps
15. The Singer (Johnny Cash cover) - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
16. Dead Radio - Rowland S. Howard
17. The Killing Moon (Acoustic Version) - Ian McCulloch
18. Yesterdays - Stiv Bators
19. Dirty Old Town (The Dubliners cover) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
20. Can’t Get It Out of My Head (ELO cover)  - Telekinesis
21. Anemone - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
22. The Breakin Hands - The Gun Club
23. Don’t Come Running To Me - The Greenhornes
24. There Is No Tomorrow - Ty Segall
25. All The Way (Frank Sinatra cover) - Richard Hell And The Voidoids
26. Death Is A Star - Clash
27. Good Feeling -Violent Femmes
28. Ocean - The Velvet Underground
29. Candy Says (Velvet Underground cover) - The Telescopes
30. Out in the Streets (The Shangri-Las cover) - Blondie
31. Julie Ocean - The Undertones
32. Strange Little Girl - The Stranglers
33. Surrender - Suicide
34. Interlude (Timi Yuro cover) - Morrissey And Siouxsie
35. In A Manner Of Speaking - Tuxedomoon
36. Superstar (The Carpenters cover) - Sonic Youth
37. Taste Of Cindy (Acoustic Version) - The Jesus And Mary Chain