Hey Commission Me!

this is not gonna be anything classy because im not feeling great, but long story short my phone was stolen and i need to replace it asap! so, to make some cash, im hoping i can get some people to commission me. 

Here’s some examples of my work: 

here’s my art tag if you want to see more! 

I’d be offering $15 for waist up, $20 for one full character and +$5 for each additional character

im also fine with drawing nsfw things, and if you want anything specific done that wouldnt fit in the framework i’ve provided we can work out a price in private

please message me either here, or email me at

let me know if i forgot anything, and thanks in advance! 


okay! this is the start of what’s going to be an extremely long attempt at a realistic redemption fanfiction

i’m tagging this lapidot, because it will be in there eventually, but don’t expect it near anytime soon because this is just the first chapter and only the tip of the iceberg for what i’d like to ultimately accomplish with this entire thing

i don’t think there’s anything i need to warn about in general, i don’t intend to go outside the general scope of what the show itself has presented to us in terms of ratings and i’m not going to get nsfw with it either

so very many thanks to peridoxic for being my beta and second set of eyes, i probably wouldn’t have the courage to post this if you weren’t helping me!

here we go!

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So, in light of me now being jobless, I decided to finally throw this together and officially “open” commissions! (They had been open anyway but I’d never made a post for it.)

Here’re the basic guidelines:

  • I won’t draw porn. Honestly, I don’t think you want me to draw porn anyway. I’d mess it up.
  • I will draw fanart or OCs. Hell, I will draw things that are not characters if you want. Need me to draw you a cactus? You got it.
  • Additional characters are + ½ per character. So, if you were getting a B/W commission with a second character, it would be $10 + $5.
  • Backgrounds are also + ½, with exceptions. It’s more of a base price, since backgrounds can range from like scenery to abstract patterns or whatever. 
  • Commissions will be done at 4′x6′. If you would like a larger commission, we can negotiate size, but it’ll add to the cost.
  • If you’re interested in something not listed above, feel free to ask about it. This could mean a different style that you’ve seen me do before, or something else.
  • References are greatly appreciated. Not strictly necessary for fanart, but it’ll make my life a lot easier.
  • I reserve the right to refuse commissions. If a request gives me a bad feeling or something, I won’t draw it.
  • PayPal only, please. Also, don’t do the thing where it adds fees to the price. You’ll make me very sad and an amount of money short of the promised price.
  • If you’re interested, feel free to contact me here. If you haven’t heard back from me in a day or so (and I will reply even if I decline your request), feel free to resend it because tumblr eats things sometimes. If it’s something really complicated, you can ask me to email you or something. 

All commissions are for personal use. Please don’t reproduce or sell or distribute them, etc,  after you’ve gotten them.

anonymous asked:

Simon/Tessa please because you haven't updated your fic about them in like forever and there is nothing about them on tumblr or ao3 or fanfiction. net and I need more. Number 50.

  • “Teach me how to play.”

Simon was getting used to Tessa being there. Not sporadically but consistently a part of his life. He was getting used to her being the first thing he saw when he woke up. They had a loft apartment in Vancouver that was high enough to see the mountains over the rest of the skyline. Tessa made jokes about rain and sometimes stared out the windows for hours while her mind was somewhere else. 

He was not getting used to her habit of not wearing pants or shirts that dropped off her shoulders and left enough throat bare to make his inner vampire curious. She was utterly comfortable in her own skin and she was utterly comfortable with him. 

She dropped down beside him on the chair that wasn’t big enough for two people and he had to lift his controller up to make room for her bare legs on his lap. He tried to keep playing but had to pause the game. She was a distraction and she was doing it on purpose. 

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I’m alive. Kind of. Still pretty numb but I’m seeing everyone settle. Either they’ve given up on the ship, or like me, are holding out because it just makes no sense. Unfortunately I still need a little more time so I’ll be on and off here until my mental health is a little more stabilised. I love you all. Thank you for sending me such kind messages and checking up on me. I’ll be replying to them soon. x

but when will the 1d fandom stop being hateful and disgusting?? sending hate to gurinder chadha who’s a female director just bc she’s excited about the asian awards and wanna meet zayn and nb… this is low, i shouldn’t be surprised but here we are

like look, you don’t have to like nb or zayn but this is ridiculous, this woman has done nothing wrong

same thing applies to everyone else around him, let it go, zayn left the band


Happy #noshameday everybody!

Over the last decade or so with UC, I’ve gotten very good at hiding all the things I need to help me get through the day, but seeing everyone posting about their chronic illnesses and disabilities hassle me feel at least slightly more confident. So see me here feat. my bands I wear to help with nausea, my backbrace for my spine issues, the collection of heating tools for stomach and joint pain, braces I wear on my leg when my uneven hips cause too much stress, and my sea of medications I take daily. Essentially, my life is a mess of painkillers and doctor’s appointments, but the spoonie community on Tumblr is absolutely full of love, and they’ve never made me feel weird about anything. Cheers to all of you, you’re all amazing and here’s to #noshameday!

[Manga] K - Lost Small World - Chapter 6 [ENG]

And here’s the 6th chapter of Lost Small World manga! Sorry for the quality and for being a bit slow this time, many IRL things happened and i didnt have much time, but even so i wanted to post this asap for all of you.

translation jp-eng: misarumi

raws, cleaning and typesetting: lita

Please remember that we’re currently accepting (and needing) donations to keep buying the magazine and translating the chapters!! every sum counts!!


Online pages are under the cut.


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Gravity Falls Journal tutorial!

When I posted my journal replica online this weekend, I never expected it would get so many positive reactions! I’m really flattered, thank you all so much! 

Now of course I promised a tutorial, so here goes. I hope I will be able to explain things well enough with the pictures I’ve taken. If you still have questions regarding the journal, feel free to ask. 

For the people who haven’t seen the pictures yet, this is the journal I will try to talk you through making:

I’m putting the rest under a read more, because this post is pretty long.

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tagged by darwinquark for the selfies thing and I think you’re supposed to post 6 but oops, I’m not gonna. I barely didn’t even post this and my face in the right picture is traumatizing me but I like my outfit so yeah, here goes.

I tag ladylalydia bangablehott wewerefireproof jomocha roguefembot scottiesbutt mindydeschanel oliciity and rebekahsbloodandblessing IF YOU WANT TO. NO PRESSURE.


You’ve probably seen this or this by now and if you haven’t you’re probably lucky. Actually nah they’re the best things I’ve ever made go watch them now.

I plan on making more from here on out, but I can’t just do it alone. My vocal range is pretty wide, being able to go from Edgy Hedgies to Wacky Narrators. However, I can’t voice every single character. I already have characters sounding like each other whom shouldn’t sound like each other, and if I do the same screechy bad feminine voice impression for every female character, the joke would get old fast. That’s where this post comes in; I need voice actors. List of currently need characters for “Chaptar 2″ and “Chaptar 3″, criteria, and how to apply under the cut.

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(DLA) Guide for guys - Building up wardrobe part I

Recently there has been quite many questions coming up on how to build up one’s wardrobe, how to dress up on a budget or how to create “smarter style” . Instead of answering emails I thought I might come up with a few ideas here. This is a subject I have written earlier as well, so some parts below I’ve just taken from my earlier posts such as this one

When starting to build up wardrobe there a few things I would personally keep in mind. 

  • Dressing up is all about context
  • Think and try to understand what kind of clothes you need your wardrobe and why. Are you working in the office or will you in the future be working in the office, are you a student, do you need to wear a suit everyday or is your daily dresscode more based on denim and knitwear for example.
  • Buy less - buy better. Never buy anything just because it happens to be on sale and before every purchase try to think how can you combine the item you are about to buy with the garments you already have.
  • Build your wardrobe piece by piece and understand that style can evolve and change. Don’t even try to get everything at once but start with the basics and go step by step further. 
  • Building up a wardrobe can take years. This is good to keep in mind because accepting that fact gives you time to select items that are priced in accordance with your budget and as well time to develop and refine your style.
  • The key and secret of those most best dressed men is simple. Those guys do not wear clothing that draws attention or strikes observers as flamboyant; they wear clothes that are just simply well put together. 
  • Pay attention to your shoes. In terms of dressing well, shoes are the foundation for everything.
  • Keep it simple.

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Vinyl Stop Part 2


Hello my dears.  I’m sorry for not posting this sooner, just been kind of dealing with that thing called “the real world.”  Anyways, here is part 2 of the Vinyl Stop series.  I realized after editing this, I didn’t include the cat part of this that much, but I have plans to include him a lot more in the next part, sorry, there was a foundation I needed to set for it to work out the way I plan it to.  Anywhos,

Masterpost Here for Other Parts and Other Fics

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