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Leo is looking for a new best friend

Leo’s tail wagged whenever he went on walks. His tail wagged when he played fetch. And his tail wagged when he spent time with his owner and best friend.

But one morning, Leo’s owner couldn’t take him for a walk. There was no walk the next day either. Leo had managed to get a rubber band wrapped around his paw.


You see Leo’s owners were in the process of having to relocate due to financial hardship. They had been trying to find Leo a home when they noticed the predicament he had gotten into. Whether an innocent child thought Leo needed a bracelet to wear or if he managed to get it on all by himself nobody knew. What his owners did know is not only could they not afford to remove the now embedded rubber band but they simply did not have the time for him.

Leo was surrendered to the IVHS on September 3rd, 2014. Leo didn’t wag his tail that day. There would be no more long walks, no more fetch, until Leo found a new best friend.

But it’s not easy to make new friends. Later that day, IVHS shelter veterinarians went to work to remove the rubber band from Leo’s paw.


He wouldn’t be going home that day; he was going to the operating room.

After a lengthy surgery to remove the rubber band, Leo’s second chance was just around the corner. He needed a few weeks of recovery and a lot of TLC.


He still needs to take walks. He still needs to play fetch. And he still needs a new best friend.

Will that person be you?

Come down and meet Leo today. Leo is an energetic 11 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix. His control number is I1216541. Contact us at 909-623-9777 and ask for the adoption center.

HuntGold Bluetooth Sync Healthy Smart Bracelet Sport Fitness Tracker Android-Compatible(rose)
HuntGold Bluetooth Sync Healthy Smart Bracelet Sport Fitness Tracker Android-Compatible(rose)

Healthy Bracelet is your pursuit of healthy life icon
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Office workers:
Long term computer work, Less activity, can be find via APP (give a download link )how your situation

Weight imbalance people:
Food addictive ability, through sports bracelet can know whether the energy consumption of the day is greater than the inhalation of heat

Sports enthusiast:
Exercise can see their movement and energy consumption

Exercise regularly:
Walking or running in the morning and evening

Why do you need healthy bracelet?
Intelligent Motion Healthy bracelet, Variety of delicacies, Originality design across time,with the IN Also to lose form , ready to monitor your exercise and sleep, and use minimalist humane mode of operation and a strong social, sharing system to overturn your wrist existence

24 Hour wear Comfortable 0 radiation
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Product Features :

  • Ring thickness: Net thickness 9.22mm
  • Size: Appearance size 43mmx17.1mm
  • Weight: 31g(Strap + body Net weight)
  • color: rose
  • Package content: 1 host(built-in battery),1 charging line,1 of this manual, 1 strap, 1 packing box

More Features…


OMG GOD ITS ALIVE!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Doll arrived friday, naked and alone, with no hair or eyes to speak of, and by Monday it’s full fledged Illumi. Well, Illumi casual. It will take a bit before I make a cannon out fit.

Ah should I make 2011 gitturacker fit or 99 purple version…or his Yorkshire digs? Or election ark sleeveless crop top? Maybe take us back to vintage Illumi track jacket and skinny leg pans? I don’t even kno.

And by doll I mean action figure…..manly.

Thank you ghost-of-Annie….I can’t believe I forgot about flame pants. I’m gonna need some tiny bracelets.

Adventures in Boston Building Design
  • Josh C.:@lydia: we're heading to 5 in building 20
  • Lydia D.:This is 10. We are in the room it's on the 5th floor in the same building we are usually in
  • Lydia D.:wait it?
  • Derek P.:Yeah so uhh... go up a floor so you can walk from 6th floor in 20 to 5th floor in 10 or something insane. Don't forget the use your magic boomerang. You may also need the power bracelet
  • Mike B.:Are you in MIT?
  • Gordon F.:are y'all at MIT?