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Aldnoah.Zero Season 3 Episode 1 (Fanmade)

Yuki Kaizuka : NAO-kun you ready yet?

Inaho Kaizuka: I am Yuki-nee let’s go

Yuki and Inaho get into the car and start to drive to their destination

Yuki Kaizuka: Ne, Nao Kun about this .. place

Inaho Kaizuka: Oh

Inaho stares at Yuki

Inaho Kaizuka: What about it?

Yuki Kaizuka: Why do you keep visiting it everyday? not that I have a problem but

Inaho Kaizuka: …………

Inaho stares outside the window 

Yuki looks at him concerned

Inaho Kaizuka: It was seylum’s request

Yuki Kaizuka: ah but… is there a specific someone .. you wish to meet?

Inaho smiles at Yuki

Inaho Kaizuka : Yuki nee you know I can’t discuss those things with you

Yuki Kaizuka: But nao-kun. I’m your sister

Inaho Kaizuka : If you really want to know , I would suggest you stop investing time in petty dates with incompetent men and work hard to obtain a higher rank.

Yuki pouts

Yuki Kaizuka: Fiiine I’m not digging any further

Yuki turns back to the wheel and resumes driving quietly

Inaho Kaizuka: Thank you for driving me every day Yuki-nee .It’s really comforting to have someone with me on the way there.

Yuki offers a small smile to Inaho

Yuki Kaizuka: I am your sister nao-kun . It’s the least I could do for you

The mansion comes into view. Inaho stares at the mansion deep in thought. Yuki slows the car down and hits the brakes. Inaho steps out of the car.

Yuki Kaizuka: Nao kun do you want me to wait for you? 

Inaho Kaizuka: No need Yuki nee. I will text you when we are done.

Yuki Kaizuka: Nao kun! Take care!

Inaho kaizuka : Yes I will yuki nee

Yuki drives off. Inaho begins to walk into the mansion while greeting the guards. The glass doors to Slaine Troyard’s cell open as he walks in. Slaine pretends to sleep while Inaho sits down in front of him.

Inaho Kaizuka: Your breathing patterns are not deep enough to be associated with deep sleep. I know you are awake.

Slaine looks up 

Slaine Troyard: Always the observant one.

 Inaho Kaizuka : Have you considered my offer for seeking a professional therapist?

Slaine places his hands on his head and looks down

Slaine Troyard: I do not know

Inaho Kaizuka: That is obviously a symptom of depression and psychological trauma. A professional therapist would be able to help you with that.

Slaine Troyard: What about you?

Inaho Kaizuka: Other than my slight inability to express feelings I am perfectly fine mentally. You however need help . I do not have the qualifications to help you psychologically.

Slaine Troyard: Why do you keep trying to help me? why Why WHY? and no don’t use the same excuse you always use orange.

Inaho Kaizuka: But that is the reason


Slaine Troyard: YOU . YOU . not her

Inaho Kaizuka: Please do not raise your voice at me

Slaine Troyard : but you

Inaho Kaizuka: I have decided not to inform seylum-san of the matter . The state you are in right now would upset her

Slaine slams his fist on the table and puts his head down on the table.He looks up

Slaine Troyard: fine as you wish. I accept your offer

Inaho stares at Slaine unaffected and raises his eyebrow.

Slaine sinks back into his seat defeated.

Inaho kaizuka: It seems we have made progress today

Tears stream down slaine’s face

Inaho Kaizuka: …….. Why are you crying?

Slaine Troyard: How would you understand. You never tried to.

Inaho Kaizuka: I am asking you because I want to understand

Slaine Troyard: GO! I do not need your pity!

Inaho Kaizuka: I do not pity you. The decisions you made were yours alone

Slaine Troyard: and they were all for her

Inaho Kaizuka: Perhaps.. I would have found myself in a similar situation

Slaine looks away

Inaho Kaizuka: Seylum-san loves you. I have always been envious of that bond.

Slaine Troyard: how is she?

Inaho Kaizuka: She is well, Klancain is a very devoted husband

Slaine Troyard: oh. well then, it seems she is better off without me

Inaho clenches his fist under the table

Inaho Kaizuka : she always talks about you when we meet

Slaine Troyard: really…..

Inaho Kaizuka: Yes. about how you were right, that terrans and martians can thrive together

Slaine Troyard: That was a long time ago Kaizuka

Inaho Kaizuka: Seylum-san still sees you as the Slaine from then. Which is also why she cannot meet you right now.

Slaine Troyard: ah I see how it is

Inaho pushes a button on his portable device. A ward comes in with some soup giving a slight grin to Slaine before placing it on the table and leaving.

Inaho Kaizuka : I heard you stopped eating. You’re very skinny right now. It has been 5 days since you last ate. Soup might be a good start.

Slaine Troyard: Food. Why should I need it.

Inaho Kaizuka: You need it to survive.

Slaine looks at the food disgusted

Slaine Troyard: Why do you care so much . And no give me another reason. TELL me Kaizuka.

Inaho Kaizuka: You have caught my interest Slaine Troyard. I disliked you of course but behind that part of me was fascinated by you and admired you.

Slaine Troyard: There is nothing fascinating about me Kaizuka

Inaho raises his eyebrow. Slaine picks up the soup spoon reluctantly

Inaho Kaizuka : You truly think there is nothing fascinating about a terran boy raising himself up to marrying the princess of Vers, almost succeeding in conquering earth?

Slaine Troyard: I tried for peace in my own way. It failed and I ran to you to die. Simple. but you you didn’t kill me like I expected you to and so here I am.

 Slaine drinks some soup and coughs

Inaho Kaizuka: No need to hurry, take slow sips.

Slaine points the spoon at orange

Slaine Troyard: You haven’t said anything 

Slaine sips at the soup and suddenly starts feeling nauseous

Inaho Kaizuka: I didn’t kill you because seylum-san ordered me 

Slaine grimaces

Inaho Kaizuka: Although I was interested in you, my personal preference would have been to kill you to end the war.

Slaine starts retching and vomits

Inaho Kaizuka : Keeping you alive is risky. ………

Inaho pushes a button and lets a ward come in

Inaho Kaizuka: Clean this up

Inaho steps up, walks to slaine and crouches on eye level

Inaho Kaizuka: Are you okay?

Slaine starts shaking and shivering. Inaho hesitantly extends his am to touch slaine’s shoulder lightly.

Slaine Troyard: It feels cold here. I feel weak

Inaho takes off his jacket and places it over slaine.

Inaho Kaizuka: Perhaps it will be good if we take you to bed.

Slaine wraps the Jacket around him to keep himself warm as he stands up, falters and holds onto the table for support.

Inaho Kaizuka: Forgive me for doing this

Inaho lifts slaine up and carries him.

Inaho Kaizuka: You are way too light for your height. I will ask the nurse to give you an infuse.

Inaho walks to slaine’s bedroom. Slaine is too weak to care. 

Inaho gently lays Slaine on his bed and places a blanket over him. slaine falls into sleep immediately

Inaho stares at Slaine as h starts to move around feverishly in his sleep. he looks at Slaine’s pained sleeping expression and walks outside the room, closing the door and leaning on it. Inaho sighs and grabs his phone to text Yuki. [When did I start caring about him?] 

Slaine suddenly wakes up screaming. 

Inaho opens the door and storms in.

Inaho Kaizuka: What is wrong?

Slaine Troyard: n niggght m maree

Slaine huddles up , brings his head to his knees forgetting orange is beside him and starts crying.

Inaho walks beside slaine’s bed and touches his shoulder.

Inaho Kaizuka : It is just a nightmare. It is not real. Come, sit up.

Inaho helps Slaine upright. [He’s a wreck. Is this really the person I have fought all this time? ]

Tears stream down Slaine’s face as he sits upright. Slaine’s thought[Why does he keep helping me?]

Inaho sits on the side of slaine’s bed and impulsively pulls him into a hug and awkwardly starts patting the back of his head.

Slaine’s eyes widen in surprise but soon he forgets it is kaizuka again and sobs into his shoulder.

Inaho Kaizuka: You will be OK.

Slaine starts feeling tired again and falls asleep on orange’s shoulder.

Inaho lays slaine down on his bed again and is still surprised by his own action.

Slaine holds onto Kaizuka’s hand 

Inaho Kaizuka: ……….

Slaine mumbles in his sleep

Inaho receives a text from Yuki saying she is back. He watches Slaine’s now peaceful breathing. Slaine holds on tightly to Orange’s hand, mumbles and slowly lets go of kaizuka’s hand going into deep sleep. Inaho exhales in relief and quickly sneaks out of the room. He bumps into a nurse.

Inaho Kaizuka: O-oh excuse me. Please give him an infusion and check his glucose levels today. He is very weak. Good day . I will take my leave.

Inaho walks out of the mansion and enters the jeep Yuki is waiting for him in and sits down.

Yuki Kaizuka: Ah…. how was your visit?

Inaho Kaizuka: We made progress today.

Inaho refuses to look at Yuki . Yuki looks at him hesitantly.

Yuki Kaizuka: I wonder who the person you are visiting is?

Inaho Kaizuka: who said anything about a person?

Inaho’s voice cracks slightly

Yuki Kaizuka: oh .. I assumed that since you said you were making progress that it was a person.

Inaho Kaizuka: Projects have progress too

Yuki Kaizuka: ah then it is good isn’t it?

Yuki sweatdrops

Inaho stares out the window

Inaho Kaizuka: I don’t know

Yuki Kaizuka: Oh…

Yuki looks at nao.

Yuki Kaizuka: well each progress takes it’s own course , you’ve got to give it time nao-kun.I’m definitely sure you will get the best outcome possible from this , you are yuki-nee’s otouto after all.

Inaho glances at Yuki interested. Yuki gives him a wide grin to cheer him up.

Inaho smiles

Inaho kaizuka: Thank you. Yuki nee

Yuki pats Inaho’s head

Yuki Kaizuka: Everything will be fine now let’s move on to more important things…what’s for dinner?

Inaho Kaizuka: I want Omu rice

Yuki Kaizuka: ah do you want to go to the Amifumi’s ? It’s been a while since we caught up with Inko anyways.

Inaho Kaizuka: Yes I will like to

Slaine Troyard role played by kataphraktanna 

Inaho Kaizuka role played by yasumiiii

Yuki Kaizuka role played by saisakurano5

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O, T, P. Ehhhh :D

*snorts* Lmho

O - Where would I like to travel

Traveling is rubbish. Well no..I like a good car ride….it’s the wandering around in a strange place I don’t like but a beach sounds nice. Can we go back to Jeckel Island? That was nice. 

T - 3 things I love unconditionally.

  1. You 
  2. Nojohi-nee
  3. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (there are a lot of other things too)

P - What kind of music I like.

Ugh this question is so hard. Taylor Swift. Anything Taylor Swift. Anything beyond that is negotiable. 

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Today your barista: Ruby was walking and saw Weiss working in the coffee shop, so why not enter and talk to her? but meanwhile she enter in the shop she saw the "your barista is" sign. "What do you nee-what are you doing here!?" said Weiss, but Ruby just asked for a coffe, when Weiss give to her the cup Ruby put in her hand a number and said "you can make coffe for me in the mornings someday :)". Weiss blushed and Yang was laughing. "YANG! I KNOW YOU WROTE THIS!" (silly history)

thank ;w;

maybe after my finals ill get back into drawing things


p3 manga → akihiko sanada

"There is no point in dwelling on the past. Shinji’s last words were "This is how it should be." He was a hell of a guy.. he even faced death head on. That’s why, from this day forward, I’ll face things head on, too."