Hi my darling followers!!
(and sorry for my English)

Today is the day… Let’s start with my first giveaway

Well, days ago I saw that the mystrade-just-saying tumblr had 100 followers so… I thought: Lets do a giveaway for celebration!

And now, we’re here!


As this is a Mystrade’s tumblr, a lot of stuff is about this couple, or Sherlock (BBC version), obviously!


Soooo… Let me explain it!

  • This giveaway will have 4 winners. One big winner and another three, with a small reward! (1+3… 4! Yeah, I’m a crack in maths!)
  • The big one includes: a Sherlock’s Cluedo, some books like “How to think like Sherlock” or “The Vesuvius Club” (a novel by Mark Gatiss), a audiobook of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, by Oscar Wild and read by Rupert Graves (*o*), a poster and a button, keychains, cards and bookmarks by mystradedoodles, keychains and a card and a button by Ilovemyjawn/Justine/brewhay (I don’t know how to call XD), a fanbook of Wreck by reapersun, a Mycroft necklace by Otterly Design, a lovely mini glass cup of Sherlock (by Animus Rhythm), etc. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND a t-shirt! (I’ll explain this later)
  • The other three include: a book of “The casebook” (by BBC books), a card, a button and bookmarks by mystradedoodles, some stickers AAAAAAAAAAND a t-shirt too!


About the t-shirts…
Well, I don’t know the size (or the kind) for the winners t-shirts so… I’ll let you (winners) choose your t-shirt (with size, men or women, etc.)!!

You’ll be able to choose any t-shirt from RedBubble! The only condition is that the t-shirt can’t cost more than 25€ (I’m from Spain, use XE (or some web like it) for other currency!)

Obviously, this reward sistem will make that I’ll need a month (more or less) for the sending, because first one I’ll ask for the t-shirt, then make the order in RedBubble, wait for the t-shirts and theeeeeen I may send it!


Do you understand? :SS


Ok so, the RULES:

  • This is a giveaway for my followers so… You have to be following me. If you don’t follow me yet it’s not a problem, you can start follow me now. Also, you can follow me now and then, when the giveaway ends and I announce the winners (and if you are not one), you can unfollow me. I’ll not take it personally ;D
  • All the reblogs and likes count. Yeah. You can reblog as many times as you like (but carefulness, if you do it all the time maybe your followers unfollow you… :P).
  • I’ll be using a random number generator (in a random website XD) to choose the winners!
  • Oh, I need that your askboxs are open, because I’ll need to contact you if you win! 
  • I’ll ship INTERNATIONALLY (well, from all the places that I can ship from Spain)
  • The deadline is May 31th, 2013, 11:59 PM CEST (and I’ll choose the winners the following week)


Aaaaaaaand… That’s it!

Good luck everyone! 
(I hope you like it! For any question you can send me a message! ;D)