I’ve been playing Splatoon non-stop this weekend, Splattin’ with muh’ bros! Splattin’ up dem octos! ahem… so I’ve made some new trinkets with the squids styled like Yin and Yang with all the turf was color match-ups. Hope you all find them… SPLATACULAR! I’m sorry, I’ll never make that awful pun again.

Trinkets available at Trinket Geek:

Yin & Yang Squid Pendants

Yin & Yang Squid Earrings


It’s been a long while since I’ve mentioned my art tumblr on this blog, but I have a bunch of new projects launching that I’m excited to share. The themes are ones I’m really passionate about and they are completely inspired by the same types of posts I re-blog to this tumblr, which is my personal/aesthetic blog.

Pictured above are:

Check out these projects and more coming up on my art tumblr - Ignite the Sky


Summer Solstice GIVEAWAY from SouthWind Charm! Entries will close June 10 at 11:59pm central.

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Good luck!! Please feel free to write or contact us with questions.

Included: custom spell book, altar cloth, dried herb jar with raw Clear Quartz, Summer Solstice votive candle, tree of life necklace, white sage stick, and the triple moon decor wire hanging.