We’ve managed to catch the thief and obtain the key and cloak artifacts. For now, I’m to hold onto the cloak. Apparently they decided to have me carry it around due to the fact that I can vanish into stealth at will as is… therefore the artifact isn’t really all that useful to me. While we were discussing a plan of action to deal with Mr. A and his lackey, Nechtan, I asked if we had any eyes on Ethan. The man still has two of the artifacts, after all.

Elidryn and Idaliah looked and noticed just about all the artifacts were in Lornar’s Pass, but not at the Priory. A little later, more of the company was called into action. A large glyph made of iron was being made at the old Marionette battle site, and at its center was Ethan. I should have known something was up with that flirtatious bastard. Not too many others knew that Ananias was responsible for a lot of our headway. It made sense to get rid of him.

Ethan had ten of the artifacts with him, and our objective was to destroy the glyph. We broke up into four teams. Two strike teams focused on the glyph and two teams to distract Ethan. I was paired up with Estel to keep her safe as she did her work. She was also given the earth and ice artifacts to boost her ability… a decision that ended up being a very poor one. Everything was going fine, until we were finished, and I realized what was going on. Estel had buried herself into the mountain, under solid rock, and had stopped responding over the TVAC. Estel says it’s not possible to be “over attuned” and that she was just really focused, but that’s what it seemed like to me at the time. I had to get Laza over to use earth magic to pull her out, and by then she seemed to have lost consciousness. For awhile there, I thought I might lose her. That terrified me.

Once we reached safety, Incedia was able to remove the artifacts that had been bound to her… a process that turned out to be an excruciating one. The plan, for the most part, had been sound. We shouldn’t have used those things, though. Her body felt really cold after that. I don’t know if that was a result of the ice artifact or if it was just due to our location at the time. 

She’s fine now. So there’s that… but that was rather unsettling. She told me if she had to leave anytime, she’d come back eventually. I’m not really sure what she means by that. If she dies… [The next part is scribbled out.]

Never mind, that.

Speaking of disturbing though, that dream I had last night was… unsettling. Furthermore, when I awoke, I had a number of welts, now bruises. Estel has a rather large one around her throat as well… Maybe my thrashing had just caused injury, but something isn’t adding up. These bruises don’t look like the result of simply getting struck by a fist or arm…