"Babies are ugly and smell funny too" custom from Nebulon5 for @ToyArtGallery show!

NEW POST: After a crazy month of recovery from an auto accident in which he broke his pelvis, artist Nebulon5 is back behind the brush… and just in time as he shows us his custom “Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby” for the upcoming - previously announced - @ToyArtGallery show, “The Crawling Dead” which is slated to open March 8th, 2014! His piece entitled “Babies are ugly and smell funny too” features a whole slew of paints and rubs that really bring out the textures and all around creepiness of the figure featured in this show! Now, what you see above is just a little teaser and is not the finished product… but expect a full reveal soon!

"Bug-A-Boo Androids" custom Android blind-box release from Nebulon5

Hey you… stop bugging me!!!! Well, in this case you can continue to bug me as Nebulon5 did a fantastic job creating a whole slew of customized Android figure all of which have a rad bug theme to them! There are 15 total pieces, along with 1 “Death Butterfly” chase, all of which have been meticulously hand painted by Nebulon5 and as an added bonus each come with a pair of hand-cast resin wings that attach magnetically… awesome! What can you expect… neons, pasterns, glow-in-the-dark, pearls… a little bit of everything… and these are up for grabs right now HERE for $50 and that includes shipping anywhere!!!!

'Antiqued' Miao & Mousabi by Nebulon5

Hey there lucky cat… you sure are looking good today :-) Just posted up in Nebulon5’s online store is this special custom ‘Antiqued’ Miao & Mousabi vinyl figure set. These feature a ton of paints, from metallics to earthtones… all of which are blended and faded together to give it an old'ish antique look and feel! Pick this up now HERE.