neatfitshit asked:

Hi! I saw your post about some movie. It was the first dvd you owned etc. (Hope you know what I am talking about. Tumblr link doesn't allow to add links.) I would also like to see that movie. Do you remember what was this movie called? Thanks! Have a nice day!

Galaxy Quest! It’s somewhere between a parody and a loving tribute to Star Trek. Hilarious movie, I love it so. I highly recommend it.

neatfitshit asked:

Hi! You got a really cool blog! I really like your style! I think we have the same kind of taste in style. Check out my blog if also you can find something useful to you! :) Inspirational! Thank you so much :) Hope you don't mind that I got a little carried away rebloggin your post, they were just so right that I couldn't stop! Keep up the good work and rock on! ;) - NeatFitShit

Thanks! Feel free to reblog anything you like :D I’ll check out your blog asap.

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