"I used to always cry and give up before even trying. I made the wrong turns so many times. But you helped me find my way and take the correct path. I always chased after you. I wanted to catch up to you. I wanted to walk beside you all the time. I always wanted to be at your side. You changed me. Your smile is what saved me. That’s why Im not afraid to die protecting you. Because … I love you."

headcanon time:

harry does not stay an auror, because his ptsd and mindset (see: seven years of grooming to equate his self-worth with the defeat of evil) makes him a terrible one. 

I’m not going to lie; I’m disappointed and a little upset about not winning. And I don’t want to make light of it, but hey, let’s not discourage ourselves! Like hey, remember:

  • MAMACITA topped US Billboard World Album Chart in 3 days
  • #donghaecosplay at mucore?? mission completed.
  • hyukjae’s the cutest damn bullfighter in this universe
  • kyuhyun is actually a good guy
  • girl you’re tasty
  • and frick, our boys love this comeback

alright guys, i’m gonna go on a bit of a rant here because this is something i think needs saying


anyone who says otherwise is clearly advantaged by taking that position.

I’ve been to parties, and been told my dancing style is ‘white’ as an obvious put-down.
I have been told I can’t be a rapper (something i’ve always been interested in) because of the colour of my skin
Society tells me there are certain words i cannot say because of the colour of my skin

sound familiar yet? thought so. it sounds like racism, because that’s what it is.
If I go to prison, I will be part of the minority, simply because of my skin colour. Because of my skin colour, if I commit a crime, I am no longer a part of the majority. Is that fair? No it is not. If i commit a crime, as a white man, I am thrown into an area which is alien to me. If a black man commits a crime, he is rewarded with a trip to visit his cousins.

so look at all the facts and tell me that white people aren’t discriminated against and opressed because of their skin colour, just because white people used to be in charge of everything DOESN’T MEAN WE STILL ARE

It’s racism in disguise. And it’s killing us.


war is coming || a killjoy character study [listen] [art credit]


interlude - drop dead, gorgeous // wires - the neighbourhood // never hear surf music again - free blood // the taste of ink - the used // waiting room - fugazi // rat a tat - fall out boy // soul - paper tongues // paramedic - these green eyes // spit the dark - empires // flash delirium - mgmt // modern jesus - portugal. the man // wrecking ball - mother mother // soul wars - awolnation // don’t bury me… i’m not dead yet - the riverboat gamblers // kiss me, i’m contagious - from first to last // the song we used to call “wasting time” - the riverboat gamblers // the quiet things no one ever knows - brand new // my own summer (shove it) - deftones // i am going to kill the president of the united states of america - leathermouth // men are all the same - the used // noro - brand new // we’re going to hell - cursive 


here have a transparent yata and fushimi for your blogs

they both look nice enough to be put on dark backgrounds!

you don’t need to have my permission to use them, but please credit me for making them transparent! uwu [obviously they don’t belong to me oh no]

In which Bones, as the ‘watcher’ of the Enterprise and its crew, works himself to exhaustion trying to keep them all alive and healthy (especially Jim) even though it seems as if they like throwing themselves into danger. After realizing that Bones was so busy keeping an eye on other people’s needs that he forgot his own, Jim makes sure that he is to his friend what Bones is to everyone else - his ‘watcher.’