CSers think that everything that revolves around Emma and Regina, is fanservice to SwanQueen..

Seriously.. Why do some CSers always reverse the roles between them and others..? If there is a fanbase who gets fanservice, its Captain Swan..

A whole character (Neal) had to die in favour of CS.. Emma have to be completley OOC in favour of CS.. Hook got a very and very badly written redemption arc in favour of CS.. And this fandom blames SQ to get all the fanservice..??

They forget that Regina and Emma are both core characters of this show, both mothers of Henry and that their relationship developments has in progress since season 1..

How is that fanservice if  the writers just continue with Emma and Regina’s relationship without putting all the other characters asside for more screentime or changing the story?

Neal told the Tribune-Review on Thursday that the Penguins’ decision to trade the former 40-goal scorer in June was surprising and that no one from the new administration spoke with him or even introduced himself before the trade.

“I mean, it wasn’t really in my hands,” Neal said. “I was a part of that team, and I never even got a call from the new coaches or the new general manager. The only time I got a call was when I had been traded.”

Penguins center Evgeni Malkin said earlier this month the Penguins never consulted him before Neal was traded.
Neal is close friends with Malkin and center Sidney Crosby and spoke with both Penguins stars during the summer.

Neal sensed something was amiss regarding his long-term status with the team.

“It did blindside me,” he said. “But I knew something was up after the year when they said that I asked for a trade. That never happened. I didn’t ask for a trade. So at that point, I knew something was up. Still, at the same time, it’s still a shock when you get that phone call.”

Neal said he knew changes were coming because of the Penguins’ postseason troubles. They lost four of the seven series in which Neal participated over a four-year span despite being a regular-season juggernaut.

Although Neal doesn’t have answers for the Penguins’ playoff flameouts, he believes the team’s course was altered permanently after falling to the Flyers in 2012.

“Why we struggled in the playoffs is still a tough question to answer,” Neal said. “I don’t think anyone really can.”
Without prompting, the Flyers entered Neal’s mind.

“I didn’t watch the game (on Wednesday),” Neal said. “But I guess they lost again to the Flyers, eh? It’s the same thing that went on when I was there. What the Flyers do to the Penguins … I don’t know why things didn’t go the way they should have gone in the playoffs. I don’t know why everyone got so rattled. But it’s not my problem anymore.”

Neal said he is “grateful” for his time spent in Pittsburgh but made it clear that he has moved on.

“Do I miss Pittsburgh?” Neal asked. “I enjoyed my time in Pittsburgh. A lot of good friends there. I’m grateful for my time there. But I don’t think I miss it. When you leave a place, you put that stuff behind you. I have a new home now. I’m enjoying playing here. We’re off to a good start. I want to continue that.”

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