There is a difference
Between who he was
A cripple
unable to stand on his own
A so called “coward”
forced to life in his fathers shadow
A man with the ability to die
by another man
And who he has become
The Dark One
an entity, a darkness, a soul eater
A true coward
scared to tell the truth
The Beast
no longer anyone else
An ordinary man
A human being
A father
A husband
Tricked into an unstoppable fate
Susceptible to control
Bound by a knife
Never free
Plagued by a sea of darkness
By a horrific curse

Nothing is as bad as it seems. Nothing. There is a benefit and a blessing hidden in the folds of every experience and every outcome. That includes every and any ‘bad’ thing that may be happening to you right now. Change your perspective. Know that nothing happens ever that is not for your highest good. All that needs to change for you to see this…is your definition of ‘Highest Good.’
—  Neale Donald Walsch

For xyoucandoitserpentking/ 100percentmalemothership. I know you asked for Uptown Funk, but I’ve done that already. And kinky-rhinky made you a video with that already. Instead, from me, you get Careless Whisper. I had way too much fun making this.


Okay so as you may know I brought a sign to the game last night that read “neal UR still the real deal”. I was right at the glass for warmups and I saw neal squint at it from across the ice and than he kept skating around in front of me. Finally he came around with a puck and hit it up off the glass and than caught it in his glove. He than threw it over to me before skating away and I thought I was going to cry. Like my Nealer threw me a puck! And the people behind me went “awe” cause they saw I had my neal shirt on.

Reasons to hate Gary bettman: well there are so many but how about this; the prudential center removed the barricades from outside where you wait for the guys after the game and had to put an 8ft tall steal fence as per the NHL. the PREDS ended up having an hour and a half flight delay I wasn’t able to meet James. We stayed by an opening in the gate in the rain till 10:30 when we decided to give up. It’s such bs by the NHL, but other than that my night was perfect ☺️