There’s the mysterious Neal Frank (Zachary Quinto), whom we’ll only see in two episodes: The premiere (as a dead body) and Episode 10, as a patient of Bedelia—the one who attacked her, and whom she subsequently killed, and whose murder Hannibal helped her cover up, tying the two inextricably together.
—  Oriana Schwint, “The Urbanity of Evil: Bryan Fuller and Hannibal’s Rogues Gallery [source]

anonymous asked:

can you help give me reasons why neal/swanfire is awful so i can explain to my friend because i've got a hard time articulating it

bring up the fact he never told henry what he truly did to Emma because he didn’t want to risk their relationship, that and how Neal laughed at her face when she told him she broke her heart, he told her to move on, after laughing at her face .

He rubbed it in her face that he was engaged, tried to make it all about her being jealous, it is so fucking asshole-ish to do i can’t stomach it.

he kept telling her to move on from her heartbreak that it didn’t matter and yet he rubbed it all in her face and tried to make her sound like she was fucking jealous.

and later on, in season 3, he blamed her for telling henry the truth, blamed her for bringing Rumple over, Neal pretty blamed her for everything and took his frustation on her

Neal is an asshole, he’s not a symbol of hope, he’s an asshole, he’s the villain of all women’s stories, the guy who gives hope and just screw people over because he has daddy issues

it’s not a fucking excuse