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This is what I’m referring to:

The Mexica Movement / Mexica
Mexika Resistence
Chicano Nationalists
Caney Circle Taino
Jatibonicu Taino
United Confederation of Taino People
Guata Macu (Taino)

These are all neo-indigenous groups (except Chicano Nationalism but it uses the same neo-indigenous language/is almost to that point). They’re not Indigenous, they’re “revivalists” despite the fact that there are Indigenous Mexican peoples, Maya peoples, and Taino people who still exist and don’t need to be “revived”.

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About Neo-Taino groups

Hopefully Mayanism comes off as so ridiculous that we don’t need to say anything.

We have an issue being heard. Many of us have language barriers when it comes to larger Indigenous solidarity. We have a much smaller amount of representatives of our Pueblos in northern circles than the numbers of these neo-groups. When we try to participate in inter-tribal events, discussions, and spaces we have to constantly come up against these groups getting more airtime because they have self-identified and established themselves without question, all mostly in the U.S. and Canada.

There is a constant feeling of exclusion that Latin American Indigenous people feel in the States and Canada as far as feeling welcome and a part of Native spaces. It has been getting better but these neo-groups are still constantly talking over us and all the amount of explaining their harm, eye rolling, writing, critiquing, etc. etc. we do seems to have very minimal effect.


Back in 2014 I began tweeting about Pac Sun due to design with hypersexualized Native woman. I posted negative reviews explaining why the designs were harmful in the most respectful way I could. Unfortunately I did not take screen shots, but Ive posted the tweets where I mentioned my reviews never being posted. There are other Natives who posted reviews as well, one example shown above. I was so frustrated by being silenced that I included the mention of Pac Sun in my article about multiple offenses of cultural appropriation of Native culture that were going on at the time.
(Notice how Ralph Lauren has stepped up their offenses of appropriation since this was posted.)
I checked back months later and saw that the hypersexualized shirt was still being sold on the Pac Sun site. The original link where the shirt was posted was changed. Now it seems that the design has finally been sold out.
(Notice the name “Tribal girl” and “Painted girl”) 
Only one negative review was posted. It was not a review from any of the Native twitter users that had posted reviews.

Acts of racism such as the “siouxperdrunk” shirts were defended with “freedom of expression” and yet Natives simply posting negative reviews on racist products are always deleted? Natives already struggle for visibility as it is, so when our valid criticisms are erased who is really being censored?

Now that the war bonnet design has been sold out, Pac Sun has altered the image and removed the headdress. I dont know if this was just an attempt to revamp their offensive depiction or was intentional, given they had to have noticed the negative reviews. Regardless, the image still promotes hypersexualization and ultimately perpetuates violence against Indigenous women. The “body paint” is also appropriated from various Indigenous cultures.

The image of the same model has been used for several different designs from Riot society, they simply keep editing it. Just goes further to show the intentional process that takes place in designing and deciding how they will profit. It also reiterates the dynamics of objectification and lack of originality. If you can take the time to photoshop “body paint” on the same image of a model how difficult can it be to come up with a new design that isnt harmful to Indigenous women?

If Pac Sun can pull a shirt over an upside down flag, surely they can pull a design that normalizes violence against Indigenous women. Especially when considering the fact that Indigenous women face the highest statistics of violence. Natives are also the largest ethnic group per capita in the military. Where is the outrage for THAT disrespect? It is truly cognitive dissonance to get angry at desecration of US symbols but uphold other acts of conquest such as sexual violence. If Pac Sun removes the first shirt and not the other one that just reiterates the motives of asserting colonial hegemony.

Furthermore the tumblr post where I read about this contains even more reasoning why pulling the flag design was uncalled for, given it was based on people’s delayed misinterpretation of ASAP Rocky’s collab with Pac Sun. If people are so outraged by that, shouldnt they be outraged by violence against Indigenous women? When it comes to the statistics of violence there is no misinterpretation, its wrong. Pac Sun should have pulled the design the first time there was an issue. There needs to be accountability for the moral relativism and hypocrisy.

I just wanna know why so many Natives wanna co-sign L.A. neo-indigenous movements (Mexica, neo-Taino, etc.).. or not signal boost us talking about the harm they do.

I honestly can’t understand it. Like we’re here. Sharing our experiences. If you don’t believe us you can even google stuff. You can look at these movements/groups official websites and see all this monolithic/fatalistic/neo-”revivalist/revisionist” language that you wouldn’t dare let others utter.

I don’t get it. I never have and I never will.


So basically, the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy tribes in Maine have had a representative in the Maine House of Representatives since 1823 and 1842 respectively. However, I use the term “representatives” loosely as those in the positions could not vote with the rest of the house. At one point their seats were even taken away by the House, only to be reinstated in 1960– and that’s not so long ago. And since then, we’ve been battling with the state.

On fishing rights.

On river and territory rights for the Penobscot Nation.

And most recently, on the right to prosecute and judge criminals who assault and rape our women on tribal lands. 

That’s right, you read that correctly– the state does not allow Maine tribes to take offenders who commit violence against women on tribal lands to tribal courts. They have effectively tied our hands behind our backs, therefore assisting in the disappearance and murders of our Native women.

But now, a historic move has been made.

The Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe have both decided to remove their respective representatives out of the house and assign them a new title– Ambassador. Many tribal members gathered outside of the State House in Augusta today, May 26th of 2015 to reclaim their representatives and take them home.

In the words of Chief Kirk Francis of the Penobscot Nation, “we have gotten on our knees for the last time.”

Governor LePage has made it clear that he is not our friend, and now we’re taking a stand for ourselves.

Kci woliwoni for reading.

Honestly i been debating about making this post, but honestly idgaf rn; but for eveyone who say they want to deconlization yourself. Do you really? Or do you just want to unlearn SOME racism sexism and homophobia?

Because deconlization youself involves unlearning ableism, ageism, monoracism, transphobia, transmysitonie, biphobia, EVERY -isms, -phobias, and -eraser. Its tearing the walls down and destorying your basic foundation and analyzing everythinf and anything and starting anew.

Its not finding a more “peaceful” religion than any of the Abraham religions, its not going vegetarian/vegan, its not unlearning SOME problematic things, its not reconnecting to lost or forgetten roots, its unlearning ALL problematic things, ALL of them. It’s understanding that we all problematic and we all need to shut up, sit down, and listen and learn.

Its help speaking for those who dont have the same privilege as you do, help make their voices louder, not speaking over them. And honestly i dont see how most of yall claim to be in the process of deconlization when you only want to do one thing instead of everything; because thats not deconlization, its still helps making everything and anything unsafe.

The self-entitlement some of you have thinking that because you’re ndn that you have every right to enter every nation’s space and discussion, that you get to post images and commentary about a nation and the history that’s not yours to discuss, that you have no personal knowledge and lived experience of, and have no right to speak above the people of that nation, but thinking since you’re ndn you get to jump right the fuck in. As if that isn’t violent in itself.

foreverthesickesttbitch asked:

Fuck off, I saw your comment on my post you reblogged of a good friend of mine wearing a native headdress. I myself have native american blood, part of my family is Choctaw Native American. I am also Jamaican & Cuban, though I look like I'm just a black female. So I bet if it were me wearing the headdress you would bash me too, thinking I'm mocking a culture when actually it's in my blood. Quite possibly hers too & many others. Shame on you. Culture is meant to be celebrated, not to divide!

Choctaw never wore those type of headdresses btw.
If you want to bring blood into it.

I’m the great grandson of Chief Whippoorwill signatory to treaty 1. Also the great grandson of Carries the Pipe from the former Pembina Chippewa, Basically Northern Plains Anishinabe….Along with several other Chiefs and headmen going back to before the reserve era. I’m also a Status Indian in Canada with ties to the White Earth in MN. 

I’m the nephew of an Aunt and Uncle who were activists since the 1970s in groups like the American Indian Movement. I’ve been carrying on their more peaceful community work since 1998. (long haired me from the old days) 

Super disrespectful to people like me who work to earn their feathers. If I've been working in the community for years and only have one (two technically) What gives you the right to talk down to actual ones who earn theirs?

So to recap.

You just told an actual northern plains native whose culture you’re disrespecting to fuck off.

You just told a native man who lives in an area where native women are going missing at such an alarming rate its brings national headlines to fuck off

You should told a urban native who has to put up with white people disrespecting his culture and mocked him on a monthly basis for his entire childhood/adulthood to fuck off.

So fine, I’ll fuck off. But I’m going to reblog this question every single month for a year (maybe 4 for each direction). If you have a problem just go to a pow wow and find some female Anishinabe pow wow dancers from my area and tell them how bad of a person I am to you. They will probably agree with me because they are the ones who put me up to this because of the threats they received for talking out.

Amnesty International No More Stolen Sisters 

That’s all I’m going to say about this..

A treasure trove of Coast Miwok life dating back 4,500 years - older than King Tut’s tomb - was discovered in Marin County and then destroyed to make way for multimillion-dollar homes, archaeologists told The Chronicle this week.

The American Indian burial ground and village site, so rich in history that it was dubbed the “grandfather midden,” was examined and categorized under a shroud of secrecy before construction began this month on the $55 million Rose Lane development in Larkspur.The 300-foot-long site contained 600 human burials, tools, musical instruments, harpoon tips, spears and throwing sticks from a time long before the introduction of the bow and arrow. The bones of grizzly and black bears were also found, along with a ceremonial California condor burial.

“This was a site of considerable archaeological value,” said Dwight Simons, a consulting archaeologist who analyzed 7,200 bones, including the largest collection of bear bones ever found in a prehistoric site in the Bay Area. “My estimate of bones and fragments in the entire site was easily over a million, and probably more than that. It was staggering."No artifacts were savedAll of it, including stone tools and idols apparently created for trade with other tribes, was removed, reburied in an undisclosed location on site and apparently graded over, destroying the geologic record and ending any chance of future study, archaeologists said. Not a single artifact was saved.

Like Native Movies? Forget Netflix, Check Out NativeFlix!

Amerind Media Group, the Native owned and operated media company in Hollywood, Calif., has launched NativeFlix, a video-on-demand service that will allow viewers to watch movies, television series, documentaries and educational programs from their computers and on mobile devices.

“For too long, quality Indigenous entertainment has been available only in a fragmented way,” Tim Harjo, CEO of AMG, said in a news release. “We’ve created a new, convenient, and affordable way to watch quality Indigenous entertainment in one place.”

The service currently offers several genres of programming, including children and family, comedy, lifestyle, culture, drama, and music. And will eventually bring original programs to its audience.

The company is working with tribes, and tribal based organizations to offer discounted subscription packages. Its subscription fee is $5.99 per month, compared to Netflix, which charges $7.99 for its basic offerings. Customers can also rent new releases for $3.99.

AMG is also developing an app for mobile and streaming devices, and they will offer pay-per-view access of major Indigenous events such as pow wows, Indian rodeos, and sporting events, the release said.

Help Support a Disabled Native Person

Hi there tumblr, I’m Rose and I’m in a bit of a situation at the moment. I’m diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Major Depressive Disorder, Complex Trauma PTSD, and Social Anxiety Disorder. I’m currently waiting on an appeal from SSI(who has been dicking around on my case for almost a year) and I’m currently completely unable to work. My illnesses often leave me in too much pain to even take care of myself and I’m often unable to leave the house for weeks. I’m being supported by my sister but the reality is is I’m about $2,000 behind on rent and I’m lacking in a lot of necessities. Please, I’m asking for donations to my paypal button on my blog too) or to signal boost. I hope you all have a nice day