Face of Niger Delta 2014… BIGGER! BETTER!!

Face of Niger Delta 2014… BIGGER! BETTER!!

Face of Niger Delta, organized by Goldhouse Productions International, proudly sponsored by Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is packaged to harness the arts and cultural endowments of the Niger Delta through pageantry as a vehicle for social balance and tourism development in Nigeria.

This world-class event is tailored with contemporary elements enough to woo local, national and…

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Face of Niger Delta 2014… BIGGER! BETTER!!

Face of Niger Delta 2014… BIGGER! BETTER!!

Face of Niger Delta, organized by Goldhouse Productions International, proudly sponsored by Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is packaged to harness the arts and cultural endowments of the Niger Delta through pageantry as a vehicle for social balance and tourism development in Nigeria.

This world-class event is tailored with contemporary elements enough to woo local, national and…

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New Post has been published on Voice of Arewa

New Post has been published on http://www.voiceofarewa.com/2014/07/16/senate-passes-n271bn-fct-2014-budget-proposal/

Senate Passes N271bn FCT 2014 Budget Proposal

The Senate yesterday passed the sum of N271 billion as the budget of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT for the 2014 fiscal year just as it called for faster development of the territory by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).

The passage followed the consideration of the report of the Senate FCT Committee on the FCT Appropriation Bill 2014.

Presenting the report, the Vice Chairman, Senate FCT Committee, Sen. Domingo Obende said the budget proposal was geared to boost development of the FCT for the benefit of the residents.

Out of the total budget passed, the sum of N161, 804,111,031 was earmarked for capital expenditure and N109,238,434,881 for recurrent expenditure.

A breakdown of the recurrent component shows that the sum of N60,03,490,023 billion is for estimated overhead costs while N49,200,944,858 is for personnel costs.

According to the report of the Senate Committee on FCT, which did the final legislative work on the proposal, the capital provision will take care of capital projects for the service of the FCT. which include: expansion and rehabilitation of Airport and Kubwa Expressways and the provision of infrastructure to on-going districts such as Jahi, Wuye, Maitama Extension and Abuja North-West.

The capital component of the project also made provision for the opening of new districts in the FCT such as Kyami, Mbora and others. To this effect, the sum of two billion naira was earmarked for construction and completion of various engineering infrastructure projects in the satellite towns of the territory.

Also, the sum of six billion naira was allocated for security administration of the nation’s political capital in 2014. The decision of the Senate to give priority attention to security was informed by the increasing security challenges in the FCT, especially with the recent bomb attacks that took place at the city centre and some suburbs of the territory.

For the health sector, the Senate approved the sum of sixteen billion for the 2014 budget.He noted that the health facilities in Abuja were being overstretched by the population explosion being witnessed in the territory recently, especially with the recent bomb blasts in Nyanya and EMAB plaza in Wuse ii of the FCT that induced congestion in the various hospitals in Abuja.

Other highlights of the approved budget proposal, include N5billion earmarked for Education, N3billion for Agriculture and N4billion for rural development.

However, Senate President President, David Mark said the rate of development in FCT ought to be faster than it is presently and urged the authorities concerned to make judicious use of the passed budgetary provisions when cash backed by the executive arm of government for the needed level of development in the Federal Capital Territory.

He said :Again this budget is coming in rather late. I hope that the FCT will implement this budget.

“I hope that the FCT Committee will carry out effectively supervise implementation of this budget.

“What all of us would want is to see a model Capital City. So no amount of development is either too fast or too much for Abuja.

The Senate also approved the sum of N322.6 billion as 2014 appropriation for the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)

The chairman, Senate Committee on Niger Delta, Sen. James Manager said the 2014 budget of the NDDC was based on a revenue projection of N322.6 billion out of which N295.051billion is for development projects.

The total recurrent expenditure for 2014 is estimated at N25.268 billion representing 7.83 per cent of the total revenue of N322.6 billion while non-project capital expenditure is N2.28 billion.

In 2013, development projects were allocated N286.45 billion, while the total recurrent expenditure was N26.97 billion.

Also the 2014 appropriation for the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) were approved by the Senate.

A total sum of N52.5 billion was passed as NCC budget for 2014 and N14.5 billion was approved for the (USPF) as their 2014 appropriation.


Niger Delta Traditional Rulers Endorse Jonathan for 2015 Election

Niger Delta Traditional Rulers Endorse Jonathan for 2015 Election

The Association of Traditional Rulers of Oil and Mineral Producing Communities of Nigeria (TROMPCON) has endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan for second term.

The group in a communiqué issued at the end of its second quarter National Executive Council meeting in Port Harcourt, vowed to back Jonathan in his re-election bid.

The communiqué, which was signed by Eze Akuwueze Raphael Ikegwuruka, and…

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Security Gets 19.5% As Jonathan Signs 2014 Budget

Security Gets 19.5% As Jonathan Signs 2014 Budget

President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday signed the 2014 Budget into law and handed it over to Finance Minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on Friday, several weeks after the National Assembly passed the Appropriation Act.

Confirming this yesterday, Okonjo-Iweala gave a breakdown of the N4.964 trillion budget in Abuja, without indicating if the alleged distortions had been cleared, stated that Defence…

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New Post has been published on Voice of Arewa

New Post has been published on http://www.voiceofarewa.com/2014/05/05/13-derivation-controversy-ndeltall-not-last-24-hours-as-a-country-junaid-mohammed/

13% derivation Controversy: N/Delta’ll not last 24 hours as a country—Junaid Mohammed

Junaid Mohammed

Second Republic lawmaker and a delegate at the National Conference, Dr Junaid Mohammed, in this interview, speaks on why the North wants derivation reduced to five per cent, accusing former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (rtd) of unleashing injustice on the polity with the help of Justice Niki Toby.

On what informed the northern delegates’ call for reduction of derivation from 13 percent to five percent
Part of the confusion arising from the derivation is the way it has been applied or misapplied to the detriment of all the 36 states of the federation and this has to do directly with the way former Head of State, General Abdusalami Abubakar introduced the term ‘derivation’ and it to be loosely applied as to include other funds which are significant and which are not covered by oil.

This injustice done by Abdusalami was in violation of the Constitution and the principle governing this great injustice was put into the constitution without any debate and the constitution itself was never passed by referendum.

Derivation principle
In short, what is contained in the derivation principle is the understanding that first, oil producing communities do suffer deprivation arising from  oil exploration/exploitation and need to be compensated but not through a smuggled phrase coined by Niki Toby and smuggled with the help of Abdusalami Abubakar into the constitution.

There has been mention of the need to compensate the communities who suffer directly or indirectly in terms of environment degradation, their means of livelihood and other adverse effects of oil exploration. Decree 20 of 1992 created OMPADEC and what was at stake then was that in passing Decree 20 of 1992, Ibrahim Babangida took it to the then legislative arm of the Nigeria government which is the Armed Forces Ruling Council but in the case of Abdusalami, he did not do that.

Secondly, as to what percentage to accord those oil producing states, you decide to call it derivation which is misnomer. Thirdly, the wording of the derivation section was deliberately and loosely defined to mean all monies accruing to the coffers of the Federal Government which is what we call Consolidated Revenue Funds; the Niger Delta states must take 13 percent of it. If you give them a fraction of what belongs to them, you cannot also rake others and give to them.

For example, the value added tax which is a consumption tax and which is an indirect tax of everything you buy in Nigeria, others like export duties, import duties, etc are now included into the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation and 13 percent is automatically removed before anything is shared to anybody including the Federal Government.

Abdusalami should have known that this kind of arrangement is unacceptable. What he did was to set in motion what may break up Nigeria because people are not going to live in a country where there is half-free and half-slaves. We cannot allow this kind of lopsided application of fiscal principle to undermine the integrity of the nation and there is no way this revenue allocation law can subsist and we will have peace.

The International law provides what is called law of the sea convention and it provides that a state bordering the sea has what is called territorial waters of 12 kilometres, beyond that the state may also claim what is called a contiguous zone of another 12 kilometres, beyond that, everything at sea is a common heritage of mankind which however have been structured in a way that nations who are contiguous with the sea can benefit from what is common heritage of humanity.

By any standard, international law is superior to domestic laws because there are many laws that have been passed in Hague which make international laws superior to domestic laws to a certain limit. What they are now saying is that anything found in the sea that has to do with oil production belongs to them and the rest of Nigeria are saying no and it is not just the question of Northern states

Fraction of oil proceeds
So if elected Nigerians decided that they are going to cede a certain fraction of the oil proceeds accruing from the oil production, it should be limited to onshore production and until this matter is resolved, I can tell you that we will be lurching from one constitutional problem to another.

We all know how the dichotomy was removed, the Supreme Court in its judgment of 2002 said unambiguously that it affirms what is already in section 44 sub section 3 of the constitution and section 62 also of the constitution and it says without mincing of words that offshore production belongs to the whole of Nigeria and even what is onshore and the entire mineral resources either gold or oil belong to the Federal Government as the epitome of Nigeria’s sovereignty.

The states whose lands abate the sea are basically Rivers, Delta, Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa and Ondo states. Now you are saying these five states should be ceded what belongs to everybody including the other 31 states. It is something that I find criminally impossible.

Are you now saying the Niger/Delta states don’t deserve the revenue they are getting right now?
The situation we have found ourselves today is such that the people of the Niger-Delta have been pampered and they are now saying they are entitled to 13 percent of all revenues accruing to the Federal Government and not just oil alone and they are now asking to be given more.

What we are saying is that, without prejudice to whatever quantum you are signing to them out of onshore production, we must re-introduce that dichotomy so we know what is onshore and which can now be argued they are entitled to something. We also said we must disambiguate our own income because you cannot lump oil money with import and export duties and value added tax.

If these issues are not resolved, what it means is that the oil producing states now take 13 percent of all revenue going into the federation account.

Insurgency in the north
Nobody needs to be told that this lopsidedness in the formula led to insurgency in the North. I have no respect for Boko Haram and I find their understanding of Islam bizarre. So in a way, those who are clamouring for resource ownership, derivation, if they own the oil, why are they talking about derivation? They should own it 100 percent. So you can see their ignorance or agitation carried too far.

You can never own or control what you never had, if you agree to drive something, it must be something you own 100 percent and you decide to drive it any extent to satisfy yourself but I don’t see any sense in the agitation other than the fact that they now have one of their own as the President of this country.

When they talk, they always talk about Kuwait and Dubai, these countries were not made by money alone, people prepared to work very hard. Also, the terrain in Dubai and Kuwait is different from ours and they don’t have the kind of revenue formula we are practising here in Nigeria.

I have also been to Yemen, a very poor country but it has oil and when you compare the population of those countries and the population of Nigeria, you can see that per capita, our oil money is a peanut. What is the population of Kuwait? Saudi Arabia is about 20million. Libya is less than that. So if our oil production is at par with that of Libya, Libyans will only have to divide what they have by 20 million but in the case of Nigeria, we have over 170 million and I still believe we are under counted.

If they don’t want to have Nigeria, fine, but let me tell you that the day you make the Niger-Delta a country, it will not last 24 hours because they have nothing in common aside this agitation, nothing in their culture is common, in terms of language and religious beliefs.

I can tell you that very soon, Nigerians will no longer accept this situation whereby the par capita income of the Niger-Delta zone is higher than that of some countries that are developed and on top of all that, the Federal Government is still responsible for the Amnesty programme which gulps about 450 billion yearly.

There is also the Ministry of the Niger-Delta which does projects in the Niger/Delta and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). These things are clearly unacceptable. Virtually, each of the big states that I have mentioned has 80 percent revenue more than their northern states counterparts put together.


New Post has been published on Voice of Arewa

New Post has been published on http://www.voiceofarewa.com/2014/05/03/asari-warns-that-no-threat-can-stop-jonathan-from-contesting-second-term/

Asari warns that no threat can stop Jonathan from contesting second term

EX militant Field Marshall and founder Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has warned that no amount of threat would stop President Goodluck Jonathan from running for a second term.

Asari who spoke at a programm organised by the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC in Port Harcourt said Boko Haram’s killings were part of sponsored scheme to stop President Jonathan from going for a second term.

Continuing, the ex militant Field Mashall said the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC had cone to stay, adding that no governnent can scrap it.

.“They have started oo! The leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau said in a video that we should not play with them. He said, Goodluck, I am coming for you. Niger Delta, we are coming for you.

Are we going to allow them to shoot the guns and throw the bombs? That is when we will dance? 2015 is more than do or die. It is our very survival that is being challenged, and we must tell them.

You are a man and I am a man, we are going to meet at the battlefield. Be prepared, be watchful. The enemies should not be allowed”.

“In this region, there will be only one vote. The people from the North have said that they should scrap the NDDC, that they should reduce the 13 per cent derivation to five per cent, and that nobody owns oil”.  “We have to gather again and tell them (North) that they cannot dare it.

The North cannot scrap the NDDC. The North cannot reduce the 13 per cent derivation to five per cent. If they try it now, they will see. It is because our brother is the president that is why  we are hanging on peacefully”. He further charged political office holders in the region to create empowerment programmes for youths in the area, stressing that they should take steps to reduce poverty in the region.

“If we beg to pay our rents and our children’s school fees, then what is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of life if I stand at the gate of NDDC and beg anybody that comes in and goes out with money? Why would we allow our people to become beggars in the midst of plenty?” “Whether you do the right thing or not, we will fight until victory comes. You (the managing director of NDDC) never sent us. Nobody sent us. When we decided to fight, we did not know you. You never sponsored us. We fought because we believe that suffering will end. But if you, the beneficiaries of our blood, sweat and pains, will treat us as small children, then, what have we gained in this struggle?”

“Let us make it very clear that if we did not fight, Goodluck Jonathan would not have been president of this country. It is because we fought that he became president. It is insulting to give us water hyacinth contract. I have the capacity to construct the road to Bonny. Today, vehicles have started going to Nembe, and that is a miracle”.  Speaking at the event , Managing director of the NDDC, Bassey Dan-Abia, said the new management of the NDDC was working to tackle challenges of poverty in the region.


NDDC: Niger Deltas Are Angry! By Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi

By Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi

Welcome to Niger Delta, ‘Where the sun never sets’ ‘The Pride of the Nation ‘The Treasure Base of the Nation’ ‘The Big Heart’, regal in aquatic splendor!

With his recent comments on Niger Delta Development Commission [NDDC] by President Goodluck Jonathan, that NDDC STINKS!  “Jonathan’s position was informed by the startling revelations from the Presidential Monitoring Committee’s report on NDDC.


NDDC Scholarship Scheme 2014-2015 Application Form for UG/PG

NDDC Scholarship Scheme 2014-2015 Application Form for UG/PG

NDDC Scholarship Scheme 2014-2015

Niger Delta Development Commission has issued NDDC UG/PG Scholarship Scheme 2014-2015 Notification for all eligible or talented candidates who are complete their Under Graduation/Post Graduation degree & provide Foreign Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme.

Scholarship is the most significant help to such candidate who are weak in financial conditions to fulfill…

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NDDC tasks women on peace, stability in N’Delta

The Niger Delta Development Commission has tasked women to take up the role of maintaining peace and stability in the oil-rich region.

Managing Director of NDDC, Mr. Bassey Dan-Abia, who gave this charge during a one-day sensitisation workshop with the theme: ‘Women as ambassadors of peace and development in the Niger Delta region’, said women have the capacity to drive sustainable socio-economic development of the region.

Dan-Abia, who was represented at the workshop held in Calabar by the Cross River State representative in the NDDC board, Mr. Paul Adah, said women are key stakeholders in sustaining the peace in the region.

He said, “NDDC sees women as major stakeholders with great potentials of not just creating but sustaining the much needed peace for the development of the Niger Delta.

“The commission is determined to strengthen the capacity of women to create wealth and promote peace, thereby creating a conducive and secured atmosphere for the development of the region.”

He said before now, the commission had worked with women in the region and conducted awareness campaign on breast and cervical cancer.

Dan-Abia also disclosed that the commission had also facilitated partnership with Shell Petroleum Development Company to empower 2000 rural women and young girls with various skills.

“We intend to carry out awareness Campaign to discourage child trafficking and violence against women and further equip them with other skills through career and entrepreneurial fairs,” he assured.

In his address, the Cross River State representative in the board, said without peace it would be impossible for the region to produce oil, adding that this would have adverse effect on the people and the country’s economy.

Adah commended Governor Liyel Imoke for ensuring peace in Cross River State through various initiatives.

He said, “Cross River is a model state because Governor Liyel Imoke has consistently worked for peace through various outreach and programmes with a view to sensitising and empowering women to perform this role effectively, peace is the panacea for growth and development of any society.”

Also speaking after the workshop, the state Director of NDDC, Mr. Frank Isaiah, said the workshop was organised because the commission had recognised that women was an integral agent for the sustenance of peace in the region.

He disclosed that over 100 women benefited from the sensitization workshop, assuring that the participants will further pass on the campaign in the rural areas.

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