Vendetta (Part 1 of 6)
6 Part Fic following Kensi Blye from her fathers funeral, the solving of her fathers murder and up to the current ep. 

She stood perfectly still, the snow curling around her, turning her dark jacket white. She paid no attention to the biting cold wind, ignoring the increasingly painful chills that were turning her hands bright red, her only action was to grasp the meticulously folded flag tighter. Peering out of the corner of her eyes she watched as the crowd slowly dispersed into their waiting cars, ready to drive home to their warm houses where they would see their children and return to normal life. Trying not to focus on the fact her life would never be normal again she turned away, returning her attention to where her father had been laid to rest. She heard the footsteps behind her and turned with fire in her eyes, eager to be left alone. The man seemed taken aback at the fierce look in the teens eyes but after a moment he schooled his features, slowly coming to stand beside her, his gaze focused ahead.

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Hetty: Two young lovers who were forbidden to marry, so they ran away, up into the mountains. Now, the goddess of the land took pity on them. She changed the young man into a giant cactus, and she took the spirit of the young woman and put it into the plant. Occasionally, the young woman emerges to enjoy the view, in the form of a cactus flower. Sam: Protected and together for eternity.