Indy Bound!

We just bought our tickets to the NCAA Championships! On a totally spur of the moment decision, we decided to pull the trigger and now we’re going. It’s going to be a crazy 24 hours. Go Duke!!!


Highlights from the NCAA Final:

-Our roadtrip crew craved Chipotle on our way to Indy, but knew we were unlikely to find one off the Indiana interstate. After passing many exits with lackluster lunch options, we eventually gave up and decided to pick a stop with some decent, but non-Mexican fast food. Lo and behold, this particular exit had a Chipotle. Clearly fate.

-We sang “Everytime We Touch” multiple times at a Colts bar turned Duke alumni hang out and ran into so many faces I haven’t seen since graduation. We watched the Dean of the Business School take fireball shots with his students.

-The Wisconsin fans were ridiculously polite, almost past the point of reason. Multiple Badgers supporters told us they just wanted to have a “well-played game” and actually congratulated us when we won. The most vulgar gesture we received was a middle aged man pointing the “Loser” sign at us. They outnumbered Duke fans by at least 3-1 and still treated us with the utmost respect. It was like an alternate universe dominated by Midwestern civility.

-Our section (filled with the aforementioned polite Wisconsinites) stood for almost the entire game and we all lost our shit from the first tip off. I quite literally spent at least a quarter of the time jumping up and down like a three year old and clutching AH in fear/excitement.

-Best of all, we won, which was an incomparable feeling. AH and I now made a pact to always travel to the Final Four if Duke is playing and it’s less than 5 hours away. Worth every minute.

Go Duke!!!!

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