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Greetings friends! weve posted our most recent cover on youtube and we’d love if you all checked it out!!! if youre really into Please ‘reblog’ this post to help spread the word on our band. it is by far one of the best things to do for a small band like us =) 

thank you all so much !


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Current Status of @nbhdkids

Some of you may have noticed we have been hibernating. Lots has been happening behind the scenes. Some of may have caught our live chat on younow last week but if you didnt, we currently have no singer (again). Because of this not only did we have to cancel appearing at the house party tour, but we also had to cancel some shows and our own literal house party living room shows we do. The whole thing supremely bummed out me (john) and Billy (big brush it off bill) … Some of you allegedly have heard we were breaking up, which we surely considered but to be completely honest it couldnt be further from the truth. The situation me and Big Bill have been put in has actually done the exact opposite. It has made us realize exactly what we do want. It has been an eye opener to what we’re looking to do musically, and beyond. Its allowed us to start neighborhood kids from a clean slate, yet still have ALL of you guys ready to listen. Its honestly been as much of a beautiful thing, as its been devastating towards our progress. As i previously stated, this time out of the music industry jungle has allowed us to reflect on everything, and its only brought us further. Consider it taking 1 step back in order to take 55 forward, haha.

Currently i am cranking out drum covers, working with my drum sponsors.. working with some of your favorite bands on a variety of things and keeping quite busy. Billy recently has rented out a studio and is in the process of beefing it up so he can not only record NBHDKIDS but also, other bands as well. The reason for this blog being posted right now is because we actually have some potential people in the works to draft up a new album and we couldn’t be more happy about the process. Its fun, exciting and new and all of you guys keeping in touch with us has been AMAZING! We can’t wait to open up amazing shows/tours with a new record later this year and onward.. thinking about it now gets me totally pumped! So until next time… please head to to check out interviews with Action Item Set It Off Paradise Fears + more !

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Now that I’m home from tour it’s time to film a few more videos for YouTube #sjcdrums #ultimateears #silverfox #drums #drumlife #drumsticks #customdrums #sticks #paradiddle #hihat #cymbals #zildjian #inearmonitors #riandawson #travisbarker #tommylee #watic #nbhdkids #johndoesdrums

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WE WANT YOUR PET IN OUR MUSIC VIDEO! dog, bird, cat. giraffe.. anything.. watch this video for an example… we prefer you try to get your animal near your Xmas tree, or menorah or SOMETHING based off the holidays.. either that or some amazing shit (like if your dog can do a backflip and you caught it on video once) we just want to bring the holidays, and our favorite animals together in our video